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2016 Goals ...

As I sit here in the beginning of a brand new year I can't help but think about my yearly to do list.  I am a to do list girl.  It's just me.

I don't have any change the world goals, but I do have some goals that should change me.  For the better, of course.

I have a policy of no regrets ... I apologize as soon as I realize my errors, I tell those I love them as much as possible and I try to live each day to the fullest.  In the end we aren't promised anything and I have learned regrets are just a waste of time.

1.  Weekly date nights
2.  Play Bunco
3.  Travel once a month
4.  Eat a healthy breakfast
5.  Tackle the basement den ... #ORC
6.  Manage my anti aging skin care
7.  Attend the Southern C again!
8.  Tackle my storage & studio and win!
9.  Write one interview piece per month
10. Finally go to the Botanical Gardens
11. Master biscuits from scratch
12. Learn to love green smoothies
13. Wear heels more
14. Read more (not just on vacay)
15. Make Sunday night dinner & enjoy it in the dining room
16. Learn to needlepoint ... finally!
17. Do 4 things that scare me
18. Read a classic
19. Make dinner 4 days a week ... hard one for me!
20. Save a chunk of money ... Mad money is a good thing!

Come on 2016 ... Let's do this!


  1. Love this Paige! Much better than a resolution that lasts a week or so. Happy New Year!

  2. Paige! the top of my resolution list is to get back to my blog. I have 3 days in a row lol :) Are you going to the gift show? I just booked a flight for the day of the 14th. I will be there all day. Please come that day! Get a needlepoint canvas and I can show you in 15 minutes xo



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