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Best of 2015 ... Before & After

It was a good year ... lots of changes (our oldest started college ) and lots of ups and downs, but it was still good.  I learned long ago to only focus on the good things and to find the Joy in any situation.  It does immediately change just about anything.

Our house saw some major changes with two big rooms getting a makeover.  They didn't just get a new shade of lipstick, the changes were big!

First was the laundry room ...

Full reveal here - One Room Challenge Spring 2015 

And finally the kitchen ...

Full reveal here - One Room Challenge Fall 2015

If you need to tackle a room I highly recommend you sign on for a ORC.  There is no better way to make some serious changes and get it done.  Six weeks is always a challenge, but well worth the work.

I pulled together your favorite posts from the year.  It was amazing to see what has inspired you ... you seem to enjoy lots of ideas sprinkled in with our real life.  Here are the top four most read posts of the year, with the exception of the two reveals above.

Monograms ... 

Girl Talk - Fancy Ashley ...

#family ....

Christmas Peek ...

Look for way more Girl Talk series in the new year ... I have three set up to air that I am really excited to share with you!!  And of course, even more of our lives and our home!

Peace out 2015 ... you were good to us, but 2016 brings even more love and adventures!!


  1. And peace out to you, Paige! Thanks for all the beauty - both inside and out! Susan

  2. Yes, time to ring in the new year.

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