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New Year Goals ... #outsidethebox

As part of taking on a new year I have made it a goal to do lots of things I wouldn't normally do.  I am trying to make sure I live a little more.  I mean, none of us are getting younger each year, right?

So far I have signed up for a race (I don't own socks and I hate tennies), planned to ride the Ferris wheel in town (hate heights) and signed up for a cooking class.

I mean who am I?

The day you see me sign up to go camping it may be time for an intervention.  

Things I see possibly happening this year ... painting a room white, gun range, hiking, parasailing, driving school (as in FAST), travel and even more travel.  It's time to take life by the horns.  Thank goodness we don't live in Texas or I may have ridden a bull.  

Yikes ...

Chin chin to adventure!!

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