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Bamboo Bed ... #yesplease

I love our master bedroom.  It is calm and relaxing and the most amazing deep chocolate color.  At the end of the day it greets me with a big open arm hug and allows me to refresh and sends me on my way again at the beginning of a new day.

Of course because my mind is always spinning I am thinking it could use a tiny refresh.  Actually a really tiny one since I would only change three things.  Ok, four. And for me that is basically nothing at all.

The biggest thing for me is a new bed.  Our mattress is the but our headboard isn't doing it for me anymore.  It is a pair of upholstered twin headboards paired as a king and its amazing, but it just isn't working for me.  I realize how silly that sounds, I do.  I truly feel like a master bedroom is everything in a house.  It is a refuge and mine is a little off.

Let us discuss the bed.

The amazing bamboo Bunny Williams bed of my dreams.

The details, the color, it may be the most perfect bed ever made.

I think the thing that bothers me the most about our current bed is how high the headboards extend up the wall.  The idea of a full bed, headboard and foot board, is very romantic to me.  I will be able to hang my favorite oil painting above it and the antique lamps on the bedside table won't feel small to me even though they are large and magical.

Yes, yes, I am madly in love.

A new bed, fabulous drapery and a new bamboo ceiling fan.  The three things I would change in our room to create the refuge it is meant to be.  Oh, I did say 4 ... and slipcover the chairs at the end of our bed.  Amazing chairs ... just need a face lift!

That bed, though.  I die!!


  1. Love it! I think I would prefer it without the foot board.... Your master suite sounds lovely.

  2. Hi, I wanted to let you know I like your blog a lot. Lately, it does not display properly in email. Have you changed some settings? It used to work, but now I have to view in browser. Just a heads-up.

  3. I have lusted after that bed for some time it. Also love the new head shot. You keep me on my toes, Miss Paige!

  4. That bed is not just the It is the bomb diggity!!!!



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