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Ends In Style

To say I was flattered to get a call from Christina Wedge to be featured on her blog Ends In Style would be quite the understatement.  I have known Christina for a few years and she is what I would call an expert in interiors photography.  I quickly said ... YES!  I mean, what an honor!!

She had asked to photograph my house and me in it ... how exciting!  I was nervous of course, since she would be coming over to my house to take pictures of my designs and me.  #pinchme

Of course that nervousness disappeared rather quickly once she arrived and we got into the groove. My favorite thing about Christina is her fun personality.  She is kind, funny and makes me so comfortable with me.  Candles lit, music on and we were in the groove.  I would definitely say shooting at home is the best.  Your space, your comfort items.  It is the way to go lovies.

You can see her post here.  My house has never looked better.  I still can't believe it is our home and me in her photos.  She made me feel like a princess for sure!

The photo above is so special to me.  She zoned right in on the piece in my office and I shared the story my favorite thing in the office with her.  About two years ago my best friend gifted me the most amazing bust.  She was tall and glorious and I loved everything about her.  Sadly a few months ago she was broken while one of our children was playing.  I was de-va-stated.  There was absolutely no gluing her smashed pieces back together.

Fast forward to Christmas of this year.  One evening I was making dinner and that same best friend shows up with this amazing piece.  I was in tears, happy tears flowing down my cheeks.  This isn't just any gift, it was a hunted for and sought out gift.  Busts like this are hard to find and I couldn't be more proud to own this one.  Of course, this one will not sit on my foyer table.  Learned that lesson the hard way.

Thank you Christina for the amazing feature and for the incredible new head shot!!

Love you girl ... so much!!!

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