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Sweater Weather


Sweater || Gingham Shirt (old)  || Jeans || Leopard Flats 

It's breezy and cold here in Atlanta and I am bundled up with sweaters!  Nothing better than a thick sweater to make me all cozy and warm.

Sweater || Boots || Gingham Shirt || Lavender Cords (old)

My favorite sweaters are all on sale right now, and I have been collecting them like it is my full time job! And those duck boots ... so stinking warm!!  I may go back and get them in navy for the mini me and borrow them a lot.

And that cable knit sweater?  I bought navy, red, yellow and white.  I mean it was $47.  Classic never goes out of style!  The stripe is calling my name as well.

I am such a creature of habit.  If I like something, I buy it in five colors and wear the heck out of it. These jeans?  I own them in three styles and wear them almost every day.  That black sweater ... I own it in black, pink and navy.  Classics never wear out.

I wore this one yesterday with cords and duck boots.  It is thick and yummy and I love how tapered it is.  Cozy for days!  It is only $21 and I am eyeing the grey and wild fire.  Don't blink twice, I may also order the navy. 

I think shopping sales in January may be my new favorite thing.  Weather is cold and bundling up always makes me happy!  

Keep warm and happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm new to your blog, and I love it, Paige. Quick question, where did you find the tortoise and gold key ring in the top photo? I have searched high and low, including Nordstrom, Etsy, etc., and I can't find it. Thank you so much!

    1. I meant to link it and I forgot!!! Its from Moon and Lola and can be purchased here ...

  2. Hi Paige! We must have been separated at birth because our taste(s) are so similar. Even though I am a true-blue Yankee (I live on Cape Cod now) I lived in the South for more than 30 years and love (most) of you Southern ladies! I really love so many of the same things but when I saw "Annechovie," I laughed out loud! Of all the thousands of bloggers, we picked the same one. I am a Chanel-lover since I can remember and I wear ONLY No. 5 or Mademoiselle and actually have a couple of bags and a few pairs of flats that I have just about worn out. But, I digress...Anne did some great Chanel stuff a few years ago and of course it is in my bathroom along with my Chanel color products (cannot use their skin line as I am allergic) And I have several other of her smaller works that currently reside in my guest room and my eye on a few others for my new abode.

    Just wanted you to know that you have yet another superfan!




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