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Introducing Lake Pajamas

 I fell in love with Lake Pajamas the minute I touched them.  They are soft and probably the most comfortable pajamas I have ever put on my body.  And I am a confessed pajama hoarder!    The pima cotton is amazing and reminds me so much of darling outfits I put on my littles when they were babies.  Soft doesn't really even describe them.

They are my go to pajamas, wearing and washing them more than I admit!  Even my precious JRT Miles loves them.  Can we chat about his bowtie?  #bestpupever

I love how well they wear, no wrinkles straight from the dryer and the soft just keeps getting better!  I also love the tiny bit of stretch.  No worries about them not fitting on days I decide a cupcake (or two) was a perfect plan. 

My Lake Pajamas are the first to be packed ... even if it is a quick overnight trip to Blue Ridge for some family time.  They pack so well and come out super cozy and wrinkle free ready to greet me at the end of the day. 

They are also perfect to wear as lounge pants as I wear them a lot.  I do not dress for carpool, I use my pajama pants and a shirt (and bra) with slippers for morning carpool.  I figure at least if I get into an accident I look pretty darn cute!  #alwayswithaplan

I own the grass stripe Long-Long set but have my eye on two of the Short sets.  I am also planning on monogramming my set.  How amazing will they be with my custom monogram on them?  

I die. 

The pajamas can be purchased here.  They run true to size and I love how well the pants fit my super long legs.  An investment in yourself is never a bad thing!

Happy Friday lovies ... pop the champs!!

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