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Guest Pop In ... The Chinoiserie Collective

I met the Katie, the darling eye behind The Chinoiserie Collective, when she bought one of the first items sold at The Cellar.  She posted her fabulous green lamp on Instagram and added a tag and I immediately spent a while going down the rabbit hole of her IG feed.  That was June of last year. She was new to IG and had just a few hundred followers.  Flash forward eight months and her following of 13.9K is nothing short of inspiring.

Posting little or no original content of her own, The Chinoiserie Collective is "an inspiration haven for those who love blue and white, vibrant textures, ginger jars and pairing flea market finds with family heirlooms".  Her recipe is a huge hit and her posts of bright and happy chinoiserie spaces is definitely one to follow.

When I saw Katie in New York a few weeks ago we chatted for hours over many glasses of champagne about many, many things!  One of the things that ties us together is our love for all things blue and white.  Her eye is spot on, as seen by her incredible daily posts.  She has drawn some incredible pieces for her house and created some fabulous fabrics.  I hope to see her continue to do so, I would love some extra amazing fabrics to add to my home.  I am already madly in love with my bamboo cushions in the kitchen!

I asked Katie if she would like to post on my blog and she excitedly agreed to do so.  You will love her as much as I do.  She is a prep and a classic with the perfect mix of flea market and bon vivant. She has prepared a fabulous post for you planning a chinoiserie room full of all of the places and things she loves.  I was thrilled when she suggested it and you will love her space!

Katie ...

I am thrilled that Paige has invited me to guest post on her blog!  I have had so much fun getting pretending I had an unlimited budget to create my dream living room with a bit of chinoiserie flair…so, here goes!

1. That oomph table is so high on my list of things I am dying to have!  A unique and colorful coffee table can be a conversation starter, and I think invokes a feeling of, “I surround myself with beautifully crafted pieces, but I also don’t take myself too seriously!” 

2. I am saving all of my pennies to have a chair (or chairs) reupholstered in Les Touches by Brunschwig and Fils.  There is just something about blue and white animal print that makes my heart skip a little beat every time I come across it.

3. Also, if you haven’t been able to tell by now, I have a thing for symmetry.  It gives me a sense of calm, so of course my dream living room must be symmetrical.  The fabulous Dunes and Duchess sconces are the icing on my symmetrical cake!

4. A crisp white couch is the foundation to any fabulous space.  I love Society Social’s wide selection of custom made couches.  They’re a perfect base to a fabulous array of colorful pillows (helloooo Emily McCarthy’s monogrammed bamboo pillow!).  I love supporting small businesses so in my dream living room, my pillows would come from some of my favorite shops who handcraft pillows out of the most fabulous fabrics.

5. Living in a small New York City apartment has given me a greater appreciation for being able to whip up some impromptu seating when entertaining friends.  Garden stools are an absolute must have.  These things are so functional - not only are they perfect for adding a punch of pattern and color to your space, they also serve as a resting place for a cocktail, or your tush, depending on the evening!

6. One of my favorite artists is Lulie Wallace. I have had my eye on so many of her pieces for so long but I am never quick enough to snag one the minute they go on sale! There’s something about her whimsical floral prints that just brings me joy. Throw a fun bamboo frame and I’m in love!

7. I am all about the details, from coffee table books to some perfectly arranged silk flowers.  These are the little things make a house feel like home, and help contribute to the personality of a room. I always love mixing high and low accessories, like an $8 picture frame from Home Goods juxtaposed to a stunning Herend figurine, keeps people guessing!

8. Oh, and I had to throw a flourishing fiddle leaf fig tree in there…this is my dream room after all, and I would never be able to keep one thriving like this one if this were reality!


I told you ... don't you think she is adorable?  Those sconces are on my den wish list!  Aren't they to die for?? I look forward to more amazing posts from Katie.  We are definitely a perfect match!

Happy Thursday lovies ... the weekend is sooo close!

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