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Designer Spotlight: Mallory Mathison Interiors

I feel in love with Mallory Mathison Glenn's work just about the same time I fell in love with her.  I had seen a small shot of the room she created for the 2015 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Home for the Holidays and immediately fell in love.  I simply could not google it enough.  I didn't attend the show house in person, so my only visual of the room was what I could find from other's Instagram accounts.  It was just not enough.  You will know in a minute why I will forever be kicking myself for not going.  

Mallory's work in this room is nothing short of showstopping.  When designing the room, which she named "A Holiday Affair", she created a persona for the girl who would live here.  I love her words as she gives us a detailed insight into the darling girl who would live in this space. 

"A Holiday Affair is inspired by a charismatic, curious, fun-loving girl about town.  She loves to jet-set around the world mingling with artists, debutantes and virtuosos.  She is a lover of design both classic and contemporary.  This space was innately inspired by a social calendar from Town & Country, Slim Aarons, The Greenbriar, Kate Spade, cocktail hour and wanderlust."

She then introduces the girl and gives you more about who she is, which is quickly evident in the details of the room.  She is someone who I would love to be friends with, we all would. 

"The stylish, quirky, thoughtful and spirited American girl who lives her life in “A Holiday Affair” has many attributes.  She has engraved calling cards, loves salt & vinegar chips with champagne and collects matchbooks from exclusive resorts and local watering holes.  She has a dominating tennis serve, hosts remarkable cocktail parties barefooted and Funny Face is her favorite movie.  In the summer you may see her shopping for sandals in Antiono Ruoco or sipping sangria at La Fontelina. Winters are perfect for perfecting her backhand at the Bath & Tennis and finding treasures along Dixie Highway. Her bags (a mix of Louis Vuitton and L.L. Bean) are always packed and she embraces adventure; which will certainly be fulfilled this holiday season!!"

Mallory partnered with Schumacher using their fabric, wallpaper and furniture. Zanzibar Trellis in Jade (wallpaper and fabric for the settee) was inspired by Mallory's love for Palm Beach. Singeries Multi on White, the wallpaper in the adjoining room, was a fun addition. Singeries is the French for "monkey trick", "a genre depicting monkeys apeing human behavior, often fashionably attired and intended as a diverting sight, always with a gentle case of mild satire". She added in an incredible bed and large chest along with antique pieces that would give the room its lived in and well collected feel. She shared with me that she scoured old Town and Country magazines along with books such as The Preppy Handbook and The Privileged Life for inspiration and ideas to create the room and the persona of the Bon Vivant who resides inside.

The incredible space is eye candy for days. I have looked at these images many times to prepare for this post and I still spot things that I have not seen before. That to me is true design brilliance! I want to move in and stay forever.

The art on each side of the Chinoiserie chest are pieces by Laura Park, a Charlotte artist known for her abstract art.  Her artwork can also be printed on fabric.  Can't you just see two pillows made from the incredible art above?  #swoon.  

Both the incredible Penhurst Chest and the amazing Venetian Bed below are from Baker.  That bed, that fabulous bed!  Can you take it all in?  The crackle lacquer with hand painted Chinoiserie details make it perfect for this room. I am madly in love with both pieces.  New pieces that feel and look like antiques passed down from loved ones.

The Rose Medallion bowl on this side table is filled with matchbooks collected for the space. Mallory told me of her adventures in finding and basically "borrowing" matchbooks from all over.  She even enlisted friends to do the same.  The matchbook collection tells so much about the girl who lives here, from pool halls to elegant hotels.  It inspires me to start a collection of my own.  

I have decided to save the desk for its own special post.  I am truly obsessed with the desk area and all of its incredible elements. The calendar alone deserves its own post.  I can't get over the details in this room.  The painting above the desk is by the incredible Mallory Page.  

That bedding.  I just die. I am in love with both choices.  Julia B is the source for the incredible black and white triple scallop coverlet, sheeting and shams.  Porthault is the exquisite source for the bottom shams and duvet.  So very French and so very fabulous.  

The art for the room is a collection of contemporary and emerging artists Mallory gathered together to create an incredible gallery.  It is a collection which appears would have been pieced together from purchases and gifts of beloved friends.   It includes a pieces from Sally King Benedict, Angela Nesbit, Teresa Gerard, Nancy Franke, Melissa Payne Baker, Ethel Vaghan, Adrian Alsobrook and Mallory's mother Monteigne Mathison.  

Couldn't you just stare at the art collection for hours?  So well matched.  Absolutely di-vine selections!

The bedside tables from Fabulous Things, LTD are perfectly styled with incredible lamps, framed photos and the books only a true Bon Vivant would chose for herself.  I just love the addition of both a champagne glass and a tea cup.  A girl does have her necessities.  

I absolutely want to pick up the rooms and plop them down in my own home to enjoy for myself. That Zanzibar Trellis alone has me swooning.  I simply can not get enough! For more of her incredible design work and a peek into her life follow Mallory on her Instagram and check out her website.  

For sourcing and design inquires contact Mallory direct.  All photography by Laura Negri.  

And stay tuned ... I have an amazing post planned for you on that incredible desk area!  I die.  


  1. Lovely! Especially the artwork! That headboard! Swoon!

  2. I do love the Palm Beach style in Palm Beach.

  3. Wow, I love it all!! The vibrant colors and pattern mixture- perfection!

  4. So wonderful! I am always so envious of all this fabulous color. My hubby is wonderful but no way could I get away with it! Great review and I especially love the champs by the bed 😍



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