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TPC Travels ... #palmbeach

The coast is just in my blood.  There is never a trip when I think to myself, ok ... that was plenty of time, I am ready to go home.  I think it comes from spending every single Saturday as a child at the beach.  I don't ever tire of the salt air, the palm trees, the warm air and the vibe. I am truly the happiest barefoot and in the surf.

Palm Beach was perfection, but it always is.  It never disappoints.  We were only in town a total of 46 hours but I soaked up every single minute, even while sleeping under the palm laden sky.  As I have mentioned before, the Hubs grew up in Jupiter and has long standing connections and family.  Palm Beach County is in his blood and will always be there.  One day we both hope to retire and live our lives breathing that amazing coastal air.  Until then I will be creating the Palm Beach life in our home.

Sigh ...

There is so much to do and eat and shop in Palm Beach, but I have compiled my favorites.  My must shops, must eats and must dos.  I will create a longer list for you soon and add it to the side bar. This list only includes places to visit on the island.  There is truly an unending mecca of incredible places in county.  Basically ... it is the place to visit!


To shop:

Mecox Gardens 

To eat:

Buccan ... 
order the baby kale salad, the tuna tartar and you must try the Pamplemousse

Ta-boo ... 
beg for table #1, the Worth Avenue salad is just about everything
the place to eat and be seen, doesn't take reservations but well worth the wait
amazing food, traditional Italian food with incredible ambiance and the address at Via Mizner

To do:

Rent a bike and discover every single street of the island
Stop for an ice cream cone at Sprinkles
Google Lilly Pulitzers home address and take a photo at the end of the driveway

Walk the entire length of Worth Avenue and discover each and every single via 

Walk into every single open area at The Colony Hotel and beg them to let you move in!
Have brunch at The Palm Court at the The Colony Hotel
Walk the grounds at The Breakers
Have drinks and apps at The Breakers at HMF

Home today missing the incredible city and the darling people.  There is truly nothing like Palm Beach, if you have been there you know what I mean and if you haven't then you must visit.  The best month of the year is March, but since it is still in season the hotels are quite pricey.  My other favorite month is May.  It isn't hot yet, and the prices can't be beat.  

I will be going back in May ... and counting down the days!

Until we meet again ... 


  1. Thanks for the tour! Please share the shade of your pink toe polish and the source of your blue and white bracelet.

  2. What a fun weekend trip! I've never been there, but Palm Beach looks so pretty! I love that preppy colorful style!

  3. What a fantastic 46 hours in paradise! Beautiful photography! You mentioned owning a home in Florida during your retirement years. We recently moved to Florida and are renting a home recently purchased by a couple who plan to retire and move south in 5 years. I think their housing plan is so smart. Buy early in a nice upscale neighborhood, buy at today's home prices compared to when you are ready to retire, have someone else rent and pay your mortgage until you are ready to move in.



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