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Stylist Extraordinaire!

My darling reader Tiffany Erickson just launched a styling business, TE Style.  She is not only the cutest thing in the world but has impeccable taste.  Starting out small by styling for everyone around her, she is branching out and offering her services to the masses.  This is a girl you will want to follow, bookmark and hire immediately!

I chatted with Tiffany about some of her favorite things and how she made the decision to launch TE Style ...

First of all tell us a little about yourself, who is Tiffany Erickson?
I've been styling friends and family for as long as I can remember and find pure joy in helping others pull it all together. I guess you could call me a serial shopper.  

You are basically an online stylist and personal shopper in the way you create your boards! Agree?
Yes! I think in "visuals", so for me, creating a board helps me see it all come together. In the world we live in today - with endless online shopping options - it's easy to pull from everywhere to create a look and give people something cohesive to respond to. I also like to show a  save and splurge version of what I find - mixing high with low is everything to me!

What about fashion attracts your eye?
I love color and pattern so the bolder the better. For Spring, I'm loving all of the global inspiration--an embroidered jacket, a shoulder-bearing shirt, tassels or fringe...designers around the world are creating such unique pieces right now.

How did the idea for fashion boards start for you?
My favorite feature in a magazine is seeing a key piece styled from head to toe. I love those visuals and have a blast creating my own. Remember fashion plates from the 80s? These are kind of my grown-up version of those. I also like to give a save and splurge version of what I find to make sure I'm meeting all different budget levels.

What is the best information a new client can give you about themselves for you to be able to translate their style into a board?
From working in advertising for years, I’m constantly trying to uncover consumer insights. That works here too – what’s the problem you’re trying to fix? What are you trying to achieve? I like to do a fill-in-the-blank approach and ask, when people see you walk in, you want them to say "she looks ...". Women can usually label the outcome they're after, but just need some help achieving that look. And of course a celebrity-crush visual never hurts. 

How hard is it not to purchase everything you source?
On a difficulty scale of 1-10 it's about a 100. But after scouring the globe for the perfect off-the-shoulder-top, I become immune to the need to "add to cart".
What is the last thing fashion piece you purchased?

One of my favorite local boutiques recently had a FIGUE trunk show and I bought 3 pieces. Creator Stephanie von Watzdorf designs these season-less masterpieces that blend interesting textures with beading and embroidery...sort of those pieces that make you feel like you're headed somewhere totally exotic. 

Five must haves. 
1: Jeans. Good jeans. Ones with the back pockets in the right spots. Not too light or too Dark. 
2. Dark blazer. Invest in a great one, take it to a tailor and make sure it fits like you hang with Kate Middleton. 
3. A white and navy striped top. Dress it up. Wear it with shorts. Put it over or under anything. January to December. And contrary to popular belief, horizontals can work with any shape!
4. A smart flat. They look good. They feel good. 
5. A good blow out. A perfect outfit with bad hair catapults you right into worst-dressed territory. Getting it right from head to toe starts with the head! If a blow out isn't an option, invest in an amazing dryer. 

Don't you absolutely adore her?  I honestly can't get enough of her!!  I decided to hire Tiffany to style for me.  I am headed to the Design Blogger's Conference for the first time and to be honest I am quite nervous.  I am excited about hanging with people I admire and adore, but there is a level of nerves since this is my first year to attend.  I asked Tiffany to style me for the three days of the conference.  I gave her the breakdown of the events but in a very broad sense.  I told her I would need both day and evening outfits.  I told her it could possibly be chilly but yet warm as March in Georgia is so up in the air.  I also let her know the last three purchases I made and I gave her the freedom to recommend anything she wanted.

The boards she delivered to me absolutely blew me away.  She styled eight outfits and each one was better than the last.  Not only did she do her homework as to who I am and what I wear, she delivered just the right amount of pieces that would push me outside my box.  She also chose two pieces I had tried on in New York and left behind.  I loved them so, but tried so hard not to buy every single thing I put my hands on!  When I saw them on the boards above, I called and ordered them immediately. And those wide leg jeans ... I am dying over them.  I do love a good wide leg!

And the remaining outfits for the conference are just as incredible!  I can't reveal all of them ... a girl has her surprises!  I will be sporting Tiffany's looks at the Design Bloggers Conference and hashtagging my experience and her amazing styling!  Follow along next week ... #tpctravels #dbconference #dbc #testyle.    

My favorite part ... she send me a board of extras!  Things I really should be adding to my life for spring and summer.  I am attending so many conferences and events this year and want to look fresh and fabulous.  These pieces will ensure the exact result I am striving for!

Yes, I can style myself, but I do get into a rut.  I pick the exact same things time and time again. It works for me and this won't change my personal style, it will make it better. Working with Tiffany has pushed me outside that rut and given me a fresh approach on my look.  I love color and I love gingham and these elements are very apparent in these boards, but there is also a ton of fun and new things I can't wait to try out. They will easily become my new faves!!

To say I will be keeping Tiffany on speed dial is an understatement.  She is fun and incredibly talented and I think you should all hire her immediately.  Her services range from a tiny consult to a full closet overhaul, and every single thing in between.

For sources on the extras above and the board I shared on Instagram reach out to Tiffany.  She will be happy to chat with you and schedule a session.

Keep this girl on your radar ... she is about to crush that glass ceiling!

Don't forget to tell her I sent you!!

Adore you Tiffany!!!  xo


  1. Tiffany picked some VERY cute things for you! Looks like you have a shopping spree in your future! ;-)

  2. I love reading interviews like this. The tips are amazing and useful. Thank you!



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