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TPC Loves Nest Studio

One of my favorite parts about creating rooms with the One Room Challenge is being able to work with fabulous companies.  Building relationships with incredible people is so exciting for me.  One of my favorite collaborations was with Nest Studio who designed the incredible satin brass pulls for the bookcases.  I had not previously had the pleasure of meeting Jess but I was immediately in awe of her and madly in love with her hardware designs.

Jessica Davis is the founder of Nest Studio which specializes in boutique hardware and interior design. Launching in 2012 with the introduction of the Facet Collection. Jess designed the Collection after a frustrating search for beautiful hardware inspired her to tailor-make decorative pieces to fit her aesthetic. The business has since grown by leaps and bounds, spurred by the release of the Transparency Series, fabricated from a sophisticated mix of brass and acrylic, and most recently the Classic Series. With new items in the works that involve mixed materials and high-end finishes, Nest is at the forefront of decorative hardware innovation. 

Not only does Nest Studio have incredible hardware but I am incredibly impressed with their business model.  Their about pages shares they are "entirely woman-owned and operated by a talented team of working mothers, Nest Studio is socially-conscious and proud to rely on US based manufacturers and suppliers to help create its unique and inspiring hardware for high-end interiors". A company made up of working mothers is near and dear to my heart since I am exactly the same. The juggle can be a tough one and I am blessed to be able to do what I do and still spend quality time with my family.  

I chose the brand new Reveal pulls for the room.  I was incredibly excited to use these pulls for a number of reasons.  The series is brand new and I was the first to use the pulls.  The VERY first person to ever use the pulls.  Can you tell I was excited??  And of course, they are brass and bamboo and absolutely gorgeous.  One of my goals for this space was to bring it into 2016.  Fresh white paint and new updated hardware were two important items for me.  I truly love the Reveal hardware.  The size of the pulls instantly made the room feel like it was a new space and not a 1982 fluff.  The pulls are incredible and I only wish you could pop over and see them for yourself.

Nest Studio describes the Reveal collection as "classic and simple" and I could not agree more.  A "modern yet a nod toward traditional bamboo style hardware".  I think Jess hit it on the head with her description. The pulls are available in polished nickel, antique copper and satin brass which was the perfect choice for me.  Can you image the antique copper in a kitchen filled with gorgeous polished copper pots?  Umm ... #yesplease!!

I am madly in love with so many of their designs ... the Transparency collection is currently on my radar.  Can't you imagine these in a bathroom or even a closet?  I die a little inside!  Love them so much!!

And these on drawers ... I may have to have drawers installed just to be able to use them.  Hmm ... where to put more drawers?!

I say it a lot but it is true.  Design is in the details for me and the hardware in the den is just about perfection.  Thank you Jess and Nest Studio for allowing me to debut the Reveal collection.  It was a honor and a privilege to work with you! xo 


  1. Wow what stunning hardware designs!!!

  2. Drooling over all that hardware...and I am definitely on board to support some working mamas!

  3. Gorgeous designs! Nice story! Moving fast from 2012 till now...

  4. Nest Studio does really create beautiful and elegant cabinet pieces. The design are very intricate and can be featured in any blogs such as PapersBoard wrote me a custom essay designer section. Hope to see more reviews about your collaborations.



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