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Bar Cart Series ... No. 10 Jana Bek

I may have greeted this Friday with a little more excitement than most, I was just really ready for the weekend to arrive.  I have been plans to restyle a few spots in my home and we are hosting some fun people for dinner so that means a stocked and ready bar cart.  Nothing gets me more in the mood to entertain than a stocked bar cart.

Today's feature in the Bar Cart Series is the darling Jana Bek.  Jana is not only an amazing interior designer and product designer but also a sweet friend.  I have had the pleasure of Jana's company in projects and at dinner and I can tell you she is just as fabulous in person as she is in print.

Jana has agreed to share with us a few of her bar cart stylings to show different ways you can use your bar cart. She uses it to serve drinks, in her office for her printer and to showcase her amazing lamps and ginger jars. I completely agree that a bar cart is a piece of furniture to be used any way it works for your home.  As a big fan of trading it up for the different occasions, I absolutely love today's post. 

Jana says ...

When designing for clients and myself, I take every opportunity to use versatile furniture – such as a table that has proportions to be a bedside table or can just as easily serve as a side table in the living room. This gives one the option to switch things up & when you move, your pieces can move around with you!

You may think a bar cart is very specific but it has surprising range, which is why our Society Social cart is often on the move in our Ann Arbor home. From a place to perch our printer, to a staging spot for my line of hand-painted lamps & ginger jars, it’s a piece worthy of a happy hour! (all puns intended)

Jana's go to barcart is The Worth Rattan from Society Social.  Her choice of the cart in white lets anything and everything she places on it shine! 

Favorite cocktail ...

Vodka martini, it is very hard to mess this one up!

Where do you find inspiration?

Instagram!  I am always falling in love with new designers with a wide range of aesthetics.

What is your favorite color of your brushstroke lamp?

The fuchsia, it was the first color I ever painted!

Jana painted her first brushstroke lamp after purchasing a lamp that just left her with a product that wasn't what she was truly looking for.  In this Glitter Guide article she shares this ...

Three years ago I purchased a pair of vintage lamps, but they were a sad pink color. I was so inspired by the brushstroke walls in Kelly Wearstler’s home entryway and decided I would paint my lamps in a similar way.

I hand-painted them with fuchsia brushstrokes, and when I shared photos on social media, I got such an amazing response. I felt confident that there was a market for these in the world of home décor. With my interior design experience, I’d often found that clients were apprehensive about adding color or pattern to their rooms. My brushstroke lamps would be a way that anyone could add both in a beautiful and easy way! With my experience in product development and merchandising—plus the fact that I come from a family of entrepreneurs—it all came together as an awesome trifecta of experience, creativity, tenacity and excitement.

My lamps are made in the U.S. and I hand-paint each one. The St. Regis actually just picked them up for its Santa Barbara location!

With her home base in Ann Arbor and an apartment in Atlanta, Jana is always traveling back and forth between locations.  Her new Atlanta apartment just received an amazing transformation in the latest round of the One Room Challenge where she debuted her new line of fabrics

You can see the full room in her reveal blog post.  I adore Jana and her amazing style.  I am thrilled she has expanded her product line to include her amazing ginger jars and now a fabulous line of fabrics.  As an owner of each of her products I can say they only add to the incredible pieces in our home.  I will say my brushstroke lamp is by far my favorite piece.  And, of course, seeing them reminds me of how talented and darling Jana truly is.

Follow along with Jana on Instagram, her blog and peruse more of her amazing design work on her website.

We are overdue for drinks sweet friend ... we need to make that happen sooner rather than later! Happy Friday!  (muah)

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  1. It's fun to read about Jana Bek, but I'm really writing to say a belated congratulations! I'm behind in my magazine reading, so I just saw the picture of your beautiful den on the editor's page of House Beautiful. I enjoy reading your blog so much, and wish I could have heard you speak in Savannah at Emily McCarthy's. I live in Richmond, but Savannah is my hometown. I was home that week with my girls, visiting my parents and as I get home so infrequently, I just didn't think I could leave. My parents are great but I so wish I could have been there!



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