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Design Trends for 2017

It was my pleasure to attend the July market of AtlantasMart a few weeks ago.  I love going to the Mart because it always provides so much inspiration.  This visit Mart surpassed even my high expectations.  Envision eye candy for days from incredible designers and companies and you still will fall short of what you actually experience while roaming the halls and buildings.  It was shot in the arm of pure inspiration. In fact, I may have overdosed.

I have visited the Mart many times over many years but this trip was different.  I was attending so that I could look for, and share with you, new trends I see heading our way in the coming months and into next year.  I will admit I found myself a bit overwhelmed trying to take in all of the incredible presentations on just the first two floors.  It was booth after booth of amazing art, fabrics and furniture.  Add to that the new 8th floor and the the brand new curated Antiques section and there simply was no end to the stunning sights and vendors to behold. 

After a few strolls I was able to take notice of some new trends coming our way along with some styles that are still going strong.  Where are we headed?  I am happy to share with you my point of view ... 

Bright art is just better ... 

I spotted booth after booth of incredible bright colorful contemporary art.  As a girl who loves color and pattern mixing I was thrilled.  I love a room with tons of color and layered patterns and art is just another way to add in more of the same. There was so much eye candy in this category and it was hard to nail down my favorites.  However when I loaded all of the images I took I noticed quickly that most of the photos I took were located in three booths. 

The options in Shadow Catchers immediately caught my eye.  The Indigo swirls literally made me stop in my tracks and walk in for pictures.  I loved the size and the simple yet bold statement they made.  

Soicher-Marin is a new addition to the Codarus booth and a fabulous one.   Well known for their amazing selection, these pieces completely knocked it out of the part for me.  The blues, greens and oranges is a theme I saw time and time again and these art pieces all framed in gold were simply fantastic.  I quickly made a list of the pieces I was madly in love with and then realized my list was too long and I simply needed to shoot them all.  

You need an instant collection of fabulous?  They have that too.  It was all good, too good actually. 

"Brown is the new black" ... 

I can't take credit for this line, it came directly from Toma Clark Haines during our tour of the new Antiques section, but the moment she said it I knew exactly what she meant.

Kenny Ball Antiques

I spotted many a wood piece as I walked booth after booth.  Lacquer has been so prominent recently and the wood immediately stood out to me.  It provided both the natural solid element in the space and also offered a bit of traditional in the world of glam and glitz. Personally I could not get enough of it and especially in the stroll through the antique section where I am always drawn to the traditional English and French pieces.

Wood pieces in both tables and lighting were very prominent.  I spotted many natural pieces along with antique white and grey pieces in both occasional tables and dining and they seemed to ground the space for me with all of the abundance of color in the showrooms.  Lots of deep blues, orange and grays along with chocolate and greens.  Add in marble and lucite elements and the wood stepped right into fall of 2016 like she owned the joint.

Crushed velvet, how I adore thee ...

I was thrilled to spot an abundance of velvet upholstered pieces.  As a girl who loves velvet and the cozy yet elegant element it provides I absolutely loved all of the amazing velvet on the scene. Add in the amazing color options and I was weak in the knees.  Since velvet is being toted as a major fashion trend for fall of 2016 I was not surprised to spot it in the interior world.

My favorite velvet pieces were most definitely from Mr. Brown.  What I loved the most was the many options of contrast piping.  Why stop at one color of velvet when two is truly so much better? And the amazing lighting and accessories, Mr. Brown gets my vote hands down.

My leopard loafers were very happy with the Draper Love seat and the incredible matching orange rug.  If only I had brought a bigger tote to take them both home!

Gold and brass is here to stay ...

Mr. Brown

I was absolutely thrilled to see a strong representation of both gold and brass at market.  Two of my favorite design elements I am in no hurry to see them take a back seat to a new trend.  I love the rich color and traditional element they provide and I loved seeing so many amazing options available.

Emporium Home by Ashley Childers was a perfect spot to stop and take in the amazing examples.  I absolutely loved the gold and quartz mixture and loved seeing it available in many options. The entire collection is absolutely stunning.  One piece even more amazing than the last.  I have walked my home many times since returning home looking for the perfect spot for that incredible gold stud pouf ottoman.  I think I have finally decided on the master bedroom.

The quartz stud bar cart completely did me in, I mean, look at that display of glass, gold and studs. This piece might be just the perfect mix of yesterday and tomorrow with the incredible addition of the studs. #yesplease!

I also loved the new pieces from Tritter Feefer, but I am never disappointed by their amazing selection.  This gold chandelier might have been my favorite thing at market.  Simple yet anything but, I loved every single thing about it.

This table is just perfect for a breakfast room.  Paired with amazing upholstered chairs and a bright rug and your room is set. Walking floor after floor I am confident that gold is here to stay for some time to come and I couldn't be more pleased.  Pass the gold my way every single day.

Art inspired fabric ... 

I am completely obsessed with the incredible fabrics currently on the scene.  I spotted many a fabric line that clearly was rooted in abstract art.  A new lover of abstract art this completely spoke to me. From pillows to sofas I simply could not get enough.

The new textile line from Kelly O'Neal for Design Legacy blew me away.  Known for his contemporary art I am thrilled to see the new fabric launch.  Each fabric option was simply fabulous.  Available in cut yardage, by the bolt, pillows, drapery panels and upholstered pieces I say #ohyes to every single option.

Another favorite of mine in this category is The Blush Label.  I simply love these darling girls and their amazing abstract prints. I was thrilled to see their new patterns and to hear the buzz of new products coming soon.  From scarves to pillows to cut yardage each of their designs will add the amazing pop of contemporary into any room.

See what I mean when I say I may have overdosed on the fabulous?  Market is always inspirational but this market was truly inspiring to me.  I was very impressed with the addition of the 8th floor.  I am excited to see this floor expand to include even more incredible options for high design.  The Antiques section was truly spectacular with booth after booth of the premier antique vendors around. It was clear they had worked hard to find the best of the best.  I purchased a few things which I will treasure for many years to come.

Happy Wednesday lovies ... for more of my visit to market along with all the other attendees check out #atlmkt and #styleyourseason on Instagram.  So much goodness, truly so much!


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