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Random Thoughts ... #081516

I was not a good example this am when I got out of bed.  I hit the snooze more times than I care to admit and it was a rough go for me.  Super sleepy and fighting a sore throat I was completely against being an adult today. But I clicked restart after carpool and I am off to a much better day!!  Nothing like some fabulous clean eating and a darling napkin to start the day off right.  Even if I am still in gingham pjs and a comfy T ...

Napkin || T shirt (trust me its the best)

I have a major to do list for this week and tons of things on my radar so I thought I would share some of those with you!

First of all, I always play fabulous music while sitting at my desk.  I simply don't feel creative without music.  It dulls an anxiety I am feeling and definitely spurs my creative juices.  Today's music is old school Dave Matthews via Spotify.  Are you on Spotify?  Any playlists you can recommend?

One of my very favorite artists launched her map mugs this am!  How darling are these?  I needed a pick me up for my best friend who is finally back home in Dallas after three weeks with her family in Orlando.  I know she is struggling to get back into a routine after losing her Dad and this mug is perfect for both of us!  Evelyn has so many darling cities ... you will love them, and her!

My favorite white jeans are on sale today and you need to snatch them up.  I just bought two pairs ... they are under $25 today with code FUNDAY!  Get them while you can!!

I also bought these darling shoes this morning.  I love the color ... I mean blue suede?  #yesplease!

I have gotten so many emails about this post on Instagram!  I love these glasses and they are perfect for so many gifts.  Couple getting married, an anniversary, someone moving away, birthday memories from a hometown, child headed off to college, travel souvenir ... the list doesn't end!  I own both the Charleston and Palm Beach cups and truly need to purchase a few more.  They are truly perfect!

Oh, and that darling cocktail napkin can be purchased here!

This is my little one's new backpack and I can not say enough good things about it or the darling girl who created them.  And the precious sayings on the back of the backpack, truly amazing!  More to come on this amazing teenager.  Yes, she is heading to college soon!! (My girl chose the navy with gold and orange stripe)

My absolute favorite new app.  I am a list girl and this speaks to me on so many levels!

I get so many questions about these glasses every time I post them.  I love them so much and just ordered a new pair which will be making their debut soon!

My most pinned to board on Pinterest.  I am one who is highly inspired by quotes!!

With all of the travel I have done in the past few weeks these bags saved me, and they were darling which always improves my mood!  I added the turquoise Fishtail monogram but the bags can be purchased here.  You will want to order some nightshirts as well!!

Last weeks most popular post.  And you seem to love these Random Thoughts post so I will keep them coming!

Happy Monday lovies ... may it exceed all of your expectations!!  (muah)

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes we all need a little do over by clicking restart! I'm curious about the juice in the photo - what is it? love the straw too. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas and thoughts with us! As a Florida girl in DC, I understand the pull to home.



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