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Blue and White ... Forever Classic

Miles Redd

Blue and white. White and blue.  The most classic combination to ever be paired and one that should truly never be parted.  Last year Town and Country Magazine published this article stating 23 reasons why blue and white is the perfect classic pair.  A year later and for many years to come, this will continue to be true.

The article is fantastic, but aren't they all, and there are so many amazing reasons why T&C loves this color combination.  They give many reasons from #15 Gingham works in any season (yes!) to #19 Any beverage is more refined served in a blue and white cup.  For me it is pretty simple.  It is classic, calming and never, ever do I tire of seeing it. 

From tablescapes to exterior, living rooms to bedrooms and even in fashion blue and white is seen as the classic choice.  It always works, never goes out of style and no matter what the pairing always matches. 

Mark Sikes

I never tire of blue and white and find that I use blue and white as a base or a neutral if you will to balance all the color and pattern in our home.  The more color I add in the more blue and white I pull into the room.  Its like leopard to me, it balances every single thing perfectly. 

no source listed

Honestly there is not a color combination you can add to blue and white that doesn't work.  I am even willing to tell you that I love lavender with blue and white and I am not a girl who enjoys purple. Every single color works.  Black and Brown make it pop and every other color compliments it perfectly.

It is easily found it nature from the blue sky popped with white puffy clouds to blue water and white sand at the beach.  A garden is pulled together perfectly when planted with boxwoods in blue and white porcelain pots.  Blue hydrangeas growing along a white picket fence, oh yes please. It is simply everywhere you look and always the best option.

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Anthony Barratta for Veranda

May we never tire of the classic blue and white and may it always be the perfect classic choice.  I know it will continue to remain that for me.

Some of my favorite blue and white items available to add to your home.  Great way to start or to add to your growing collection ...

Happy Hump Day ... so close to Friday I can almost spot it from here.

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