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Bar Cart Series ... No.18 Chez V

You know it's my favorite day of the week and I am thrilled to host one of my favorite people today and her incredible style.  I met Emily of Chez V a few years ago online.  Yep, that Instagram strikes again and gifted me another sweet and talented friend.  Emily has an incredible eye and her home is to die for.  The first picture I spotted of her kitchen left me speechless.  She rocks the pattern layering and traditional elements like a rock star.  You will adore both Emily and her fabulous home!

This is just a small sampling of the goodness Emily creates.  I mean ... that table is beyond and this bedroom ... umm #yesplease!  And there is so much more where this came from.  pinky swear

I spotted a small snippet of Emily's bar on Instagram a few weeks ago and immediately texted her asking for more.  Even the tiny little pic she posted spoke to me and I knew it was perfect for the series.  I love so many things about this set up, the blue and white, the traditional and the functionality of it all. And can we discuss the table skirt and the elephant stool?  It truly speaks to my creative heart!

The best part apart today's post is that Emily wrote it.  Can you say win-win for moi?  She offered to share her thoughts about entertaining and since she is a master in this category I gladly said yes and let her take the wheel.  Just sit back and take it all in ...

Emily's thoughts on entertaining ...

Whether you’re a neighbor drop in or a guest coming for dinner, you will always find 3 things on our bar ready for your enjoyment. Chilled wine, a Kentucky bourbon, and some great nosh.

At our house, the cocktail hour is alive and well. At 5 o’clock on Fridays, and some other evenings too, you will find us pouring a drink from the bar, listening to Chet Baker, and snacking on a bite before dinner. And over the years, as many cherished friends and family began to pop by on a whim to join us for cocktail hour, I have learned to keep a few key things on hand at all times that allow for effortless entertaining that is both chic and approachable.

When I first started entertaining, I use to fuss and fret over every detail. Everything had to be just right and all food had to be fancy. But taking note from mother’s dearest friend and wonderful hostess, I began to include a bowl of chips with my fancy food. And just like at the Parrish’s, the chips were always the first thing eaten. Because potato chips are comforting - they remind us of childhood and home. And that is exactly how I want my guests to feel when they are in my house – comfy and part of the family.

So now you will always find Cape Cod potato chips on my bar to go along with your wine or bourbon. I keep the booze selection super simple because this is my home not Hooters. I always keep a can of biscuits (don’t tell Mom) and ham in the fridge so that if guests join us at that last minute, I can whip up some Virginia ham biscuits with sharp cheddar with a smear of dijon mustard to elevate the occasion. Great food is often the easiest. I add some vintage pressed linens or monogrammed ones and I have a no-fail formula for last minute entertaining that is both chic and effortless – which allows me to truly enjoy my guests rather than spend time fussing about in the kitchen over some fancy canapé.

Anyone else hopping in my car to join me on the ride to the Chez V casa?  I will have that bourbon on ice with a monogrammed cocktail napkin and I know she already has both of those on hand. 

Emily ... you know I adore you.  I can't wait for the time we get to sit down and enjoy some serious quality time together.  I want a tour of that house and some time to soak it all in.  It is just as amazing and fabulous as you are. (muah times a hundred)

Happy Friday lovies ... make sure you are following Chez V on Instagram for her amazing snippets into her incredible life, home and that mack daddy shoe collection!!

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