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One Room Challenge || Fall 2016 Week Two

WOW!!!  That week flew by like it was shorter than normal, but here we are at week 2 of the Calling It Home One Room Challenge and luckily I have made a ton of progress.  It's the week I normally finalize all of my decisions and make most of the plans for the room to make sure I know what is happening before I hit the ground running.  If you are just joining in you can catch up here on week one.

So to recap ... I am working on our master bedroom taking it from here ...

to something like this ...

We are looking for a colorful space to relax and regroup at the end of each day! I can't wait until it is done and we are relaxing and enjoying our new space. Can we just fast forward to that point?  

I have a few goals for the space and in planning everything this week every single one of them was put into play.  First and most importantly, we really want to have a space that reflects what we love most.  Next, it needs to truly be us so that it feels comfortable and relaxing.  A master bedroom needs to be a place of refuge and I am working to create that for us.  And last, it needs a major shot in the arm of color.  Well, maybe major is the understatement of the year.  It is so drab at the moment and I just don't do drab.  

So, let's chat about how I will make all of those things happen!!

Color - 

Since we have this wallpaper in the bathroom I need to incorporate turquoise into the room.  The walls will remain chocolate but will become high gloss so the color needs to be added with fabric.  I picked both green and pink to add in along with the usual blue and white porcelain.  Since we are both very used to color with childhoods in Florida this is truly what we love.  And yes, my husband loves pink.  I have picked all the fabrics and have narrowed down the trim choices.  I am thrilled with all of my choices.  

I picked three fabrics from the Mad Cap Cottage collection with Robert Allen. I have loved this collection since it was released and I am thrilled to be using these fabrics.  They are perfect for us ... and the colors and patterns are fabulous. I can't wait to get all this goodness in the new room!!

Bermuda Bay in Palm 
drapery and duvet

Mill Reef in Palm 

Cove End in Palm 
lampshades, accent pillows

The first fabric will be the dominate fabric and the other two will be bridesmaids.  I love them all and choosing them has made me so excited about finishing this room.  They were the ideal choice to marry my love of patterns and Lawyer's life in Palm Beach county Florida.  And of course I will mix a few others in the mix ... a gingham and a solid.  More information to come later!

I am using the Bermuda Bay for the drapery and I have narrowed down the trim to the two choices above.  I am pretty sure I will pick one of them, but for now I am keeping that little detail under wraps.  I know, I know ... but a girl has to have her secrets!  (oh, and ignore the fabric coloring in the photos above, for some reason it doesn't look right but it is fabulous and green and glorious and not at all yellowy like it appears in my Iphone pics!!)

Since we have dark walls I am trying to decide on exactly what the drapery should be ... and I am struggling a little in this category.  I originally thought we would use cornices, but I have to be able to open the windows to hang wreaths at Christmas so cornices are out.  I know, simple problems but thankfully I realized this before making them and then regretting it all.  I am now deciding between just panels or panels with a fabulous top piece.  I will let you know when I decide.  Here are the photos I have been flipping through and I love them all!!

Aren't they fabulous??  I will make a decision and update you next week, pinky swear!!

Creating a space for us - 

We spend a lot of time in our room on the weekends and at night.  Since we have four kids and almost all of them are teenagers it provides us with a little refuge from the chaos of kids everywhere you look.  I love having all of them here but we do need a space of our own to retreat to when the house is full.  We have created a sitting area in the very large room but it isn't working.  I think it makes the room feel weird so I will be adjusting it some.  The chairs will remain, well new ones, but the coffee table is out.  We don't need it and it feels off to me.  Also, we currently have four chairs and I am moving down to two.  Really, four chairs? That is just ridiculous.  

We also have two many dressers (three in total) and they are all brown.  One of them is leaving and one is getting lacquered ... and I can't wait.   All the brown is making me itch. On top of the remaining brown gorgeous dresser we inherited from my in laws I am using blue and white from my collection so it will be color infused even though its a wood dresser on a wood wall.  #goodplan 

Bed - 

I really want the amazing Bunny Williams bed from the design board ... but the Hubs said a big fat NO.  With the wreck from last week and the fact that we have to buy a new car a fabulous bed is not in the plan. So it was back to the drawing board to make another decision. I have chosen a pair of amazing vintage twin headboards that currently en route from south Florida.  I love the idea of using matching twin headboards together and I love the way Meg Braff used them above.  #swoon I gave the Hubs three choices and he picked the bamboo set.  I wasn't shocked one single bit.  They will be amazing and I think it worked out just the way it was supposed to. 

There were many other decisions made, here are some sneak peeks ... 

Have I mentioned I can't wait to finish this room??  I may be more excited to finish this than any other room in our home.  

Are you following along with the 20 designers posting on Wednesday?  I am glued each week!!

Make sure you check out the remaining linking participants and check back next week for another update. The walls will be shiny and the dressers will be changing ... #yesplease!! 

I am getting so excited ... time to starting painting!!! #eek


  1. This is going to be such eye candy! I can't wait to see it take shape!

  2. Amazing color choices. I LOVE the greens. Can't wait to see this one. ~Sonya

  3. Great pattern play! Coming together nicely!

  4. Love your colors and the inspiration photos of the drapes and bed are amazing. Can't wait to check back on progress next week!

  5. This is going to be so so good. I just thought that I'd tell you not to give up on cornices. We have them hanging from two screws and they come right off easily. It's literally easier than changing a lightbulb if you have them made with hooks on the back. Maybe you CaN have your cake and eat it too!

  6. Wow! What gorgeous inspiration! I can't wait to see what you do! xo, Emily

  7. I love all the green fabrics, and can't wait to see everything in situ! So fun meeting you when you were in Boston :).



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