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One Room Challenge || Fall 2016 Reveal

I have never been more excited, or relieved, to be able to compose a post in the nine years I have been blogging.  I have access to my blog and the incredible images that were shot of our recently completed One Room Challenge space.  I will keep my chat until the end since I am dying to show you each and every inch of the room.

Without further ado ... our new Master Bedroom ~

The amazing Butler Tray comes with a stand which we used in the last One Room Challenge in the den.  To show the tray used in a new way I left the tray off in this room.  I love both styles and of course the hand painted tortoise is everything to me.  

Headboards || Fabric || Antique Silhouettes || Brackets (estate sale)

Bedside Table || Stool (vintage) || Lamp || Pups ||
 Candle (gift from Parker Kennedy Living) || Monogrammed Mint Julep Cup || 

(The stools were custom painted and covered with fabric to match the room)

Drapery Fabric || Chair

Double Happiness Jars (estate sale) || Yellow Cache Pots (gift) || Lamp || 
Dressers (inherited pieces) || Tassels (estate sale) 

First of all I must thank each and every one of you for being so kind and patient to me during these last five days of waiting.  It was awful for me and yet I had to step back and let it all work itself out. I honestly felt like an expectant mother who was trying to have a baby only to be told many times she wasn't ready and had to leave the hospital.  Been there done that and it bites, pinky swear! The best part of me for these challenges is reveal day and when I couldn't produce the post for you I was heartbroken.  Your support and grace meant everything to me!!

You can catch up here -

Week 1 ... Before
Week 2 ... The Plan and Fabric
Week 3 ... Paint, Accessories and tons of sneaks
Week 4 ... Headboards, Lamps and the Final Plan
Week 5 ... Almost done

I am truly thrilled that we now have the master bedroom we both truly wanted!  I pulled together who we are and all the things we love to create a space that is both relaxing and beautiful and perfectly fits our home.  And the bathroom looks even better now that the bedroom matches it perfectly!

Thank you Linda for creating the One Room Challenge. You work so incredibly hard for each and every one of us that are privileged to participate. I now have seven amazing spaces in my home that I can thank you for helping me and encouraging me to create. Our house is so much more a home and we have you to thank for that!

Thank you House Beautiful Magazine. It has been a pleasure creating this space with your amazing magazine following along.  Since you were such fans of my room the first round as our media sponsor I strove to create another room you would love. I have loved and read House Beautiful for many years and reading the 120 anniversary issue was so special, especially reading it in my new room!

All images by the insanely talented and patient Christina Wedge.  Without you holding my hand as you shot these for me I would have collapsed!  I adore you!!

All sources will be added this evening, I couldn't wait to get these to you and I am hitting publish and then adding sources.  Make sure you check back for every single one!

Thank you for following along with me on this journey and reading daily. I am truly blessed! xo


  1. Thank you for sharing - so gorgeous! I've been checking back in hopes of the tech stuff getting resolved. Yay!

  2. A Reveal worth waiting for. So much "pretty" in one room!

  3. So happy you were finally able to upload the stunning pictures and post this. I know how tirelessly you worked on it, and to have the glitch had to be super frustrating. But as always, you handled it with grace my friend.
    The room is stunning. So you!! It's like walking into a chic hotel room in Palm Beach.

  4. Just gorgeous Paige! So many inspiring details for all of us to incorporate into our homes. Thrilled you participated again!!

  5. WHOA!!!!! You go all out....... definitely fits your own style. Congrats on the completion of your master...enjoy!

  6. All I can say is "wow!!" It's beautiful! I admire your fearless pattern and color mixing. It is just stunning!

  7. This was so worth the wait! Every detail is perfect!

  8. Everything turned out beautifully, Paige! Swooning! I'd love to know where you sourced the mirrors on either side of your gorgeous bed!

  9. Turned out beautifully and I'm so glad you're happy with it! Do you keep walking in just to look at it again?!! That's what I would do :)

  10. Beautiful!! I love all of the details. I especially love your use of color!

  11. Paige, this is truly beautiful. I love the contrasting walls. Great job! xo

  12. I've been checking every day to see this reveal and it didn't disappoint! You always create a stunning room. Every detail is perfection! Love your style.

    Cindy R.

  13. Wowsa Paige, I've been so impatiently waiting for your reveal! It's sensational, so fresh & full of life! I feel like the rug gives the effect of grass between pavers in the space which I find so cheeky & fun! Of course I'm obsessed with your textile choices - all soo good bravo lady on another fantastic ORC! XX

  14. It is absolutely stunning, Paige! Your bold use of color and attention to detail are so striking. Enjoy your new bedroom!

  15. Oh, Paige - you have done it again! Such a beautiful and restful room! And I was hoping you were just making us wait and nothing had happened within your family...worth the wait! I am copying the Dana Gibson print (I met her when I lived in Richmond VA - truly a lovely woman and I have some of her early ceramic pieces that are no longer made) and I had already ordered the finials. Thank you again for such fabulous viewing pleasure! Susan

  16. Hi! Beautiful!!! Can you please share the details of the green and white lamp shades on the sconces above the dresser? I am eager to get new shades for over our kitchen table.

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