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Random Thoughts #022717

We had a fabulous week last week and finished it off with a day and a half away just as a couple. Those little times mean so much and can make you feel so connected.  I am thankful for a quiet week with no real schedule and a little quality time to end it.

I will call that a win, win, win!!

Our first stop on the trip was the Nashville Flea market.  Not the best Flea in February but I love the hunt so I was all in.  It was cold, as in bitter cold with high winds.  Furniture was blowing over and Lawyer was whining about the chill in the air.  We last a few hours and then he was grumpy and hungry and I gave in to head for lunch.  In the short amount of time there I scored a brass pineapple for $10 and 18 pieces of our daughter's silver pattern.  I wish I had gone back and scoured more of his booth, I am sure I would have found more.  It was amazing and I love the butter knives, appetizer forks and luncheon knives I found.  They are cleaned and already in her silver box.

Starting off a new week I have so many things on my radar and all of which must be shared!  What better way to start the week than with tons of inspiration?

I purchased this cute bag last week for my trip to the Nashville Flea and I love it.  I love using a cross body bag when I am out hunting, it gives me two hands to carry my treasures!!

After posting this amazing image on Instagram last week I became obsessed with letter boards.  I found a few sources which I thought I would share just in case you think you need one in your life just like I want one in mine!!  This one is pink and probably will be a must have for me.  I also like this one since it has a gold frame.  This one is the!! Can I justify purchasing two of them?

Isn't that image fantastic?  Ceres is a new follow for me and I can't get enough.  I like every single image she posts!!

I was looking for cute shoes and found these which are a must have for me for spring.  Have you ever seen a more Paige perfect shoe??

While I was hunting I added these and these to my cart.  I mean, they are on sale so grab them while you can!!

Last week the darling girls at Teleties treated me to some adorable hair ties.  If you spotted my instastory that day you noticed that the girls in the car on the way home from school freaked out and immediately traded out their hair ties for these darling ones.  They are so fabulous both as a bracelet and a hair tie.  My daughter and I wear the larger ones (we have a lot of hair) but our cute carpool buddy snatched up the black and gold smaller sets.  They loved them so much and I can highly recommend them.  They are cute and useful.  Win, win!!

I was introduced to the amazing Schermer Pecans at The Southern C a few weeks ago.  Along with the amazing pecans came a recipe for a delicious trail mix from Waiting on Martha.  These pecans are divine on their own but this trail mix is too yummy to not share.  It would be amazing at happy hour or for a fabulous mid day snack. You will love it.

While I was on the WOM site I found this amazing recipe.  As you know I am trying my darnedest to eat well.  I have given up the sugar and the unhealthy carbs, which apparently I was eating nothing but, and am cooking yummy meals for our family.  This meal is so good and easy to prepare and makes me feel like a rock star!  You will love it!

I have loved this darling dress and it was so fun to wear to celebrate some warmer weather!!  I found some other must have dresses on the site.

I love this caftan!!  Add some long gold chains and a cute sandal and I am set for summer!

This dress is perfect for a weekend trip.  Add a cute hat and some converse and you have a darling outfit for a fun get away.  As you may have noticed on my Instagram I wear these converse shoes when I am walking a lot.   So comfy!!

My fun friend Anne Harwell owns the shop Annechovie on Etsy and she has added some darling Staffordshire items.  I am dying since you know I have a small addiction to all things pup related.  I just ordered this darling mug (Lawyer will cringe when he sees yet another mug) and I really want two of these pillows!!  How adorable is he in those spectacles??

Another darling friend Breckyn Alexander owns an amazing store in Athens.  I wrote a recap after visiting her store and spending some time in Athens with her last year.  She has now moved her shop and added in some more cute things and her site is a must visit.  I love her collection of jewelry and her eye for art.  I need to work with her on purchasing a rug for our powder room. Her fabulous stash of rugs is so good and I love that she has fun sizes and colors.  If you are in the area BMA At Home is a must visit!!

You guys love the Pearls 101 post last week.  I love that so many of you sent me messages and are trying your pearls in new ways!!  Here are some fun earrings you need to add some more fun into your pearls stash!  Oh, and while you are on the site, how cute are these??

Cheers to a short Monday with lots of amazing things happening!! 


  1. Great post. I have a favor to ask.... There are always so many great links on your posts. Can you get them to "open in a new window" ?? It would help so I can still be on your post page & keep the links open? THX!

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know. I had no idea they weren't opening that way. This post is fixed and I will make sure going forth they are all that way!!! xo

  2. Where can I find the green turquoise bracelet? Thanks for your reply.

    1. It is on the website for my friends shop ... BMA At Home which is linked below!! xo

  3. Oh, Paige, I have come to hate when you write this kind of post because I always end up buying the same things! This time - the gingham shoes. I wear a size 9 or 9 1/2 and J. Crew shoes always fit me I rationalized the purchase that way. And...a tip a stylist gave me on the tie up shoes - tie the tie at the back of your foot - kind of a little flirt as you walk away! Check out the gingham raincoat at Talbot's which I have and love - you will too! Thanks again for another great post!

  4. Yes! I second Junell's request.
    Thank you.

    1. I just fixed them all, thank you for pointing it out. I had no idea they weren't opening that way! xo

  5. I love all your item picks; could be dangerous to the credit card!I will definitely be looking for a letter board!



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