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My Love for Teggy French

I absolutely adore Teggy French!  I don't recall when I first noticed her feed on Instagram, I think I just needed something like her in my life and one day she appeared.  Alex Weichert is a fashion blogger and style icon known for her incredible eye and Palm Beach vintage vibe.  Since starting her brand she has become incredibly popular with followers and has had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands.  One look at her portfolio and you will immediately understand why. Alex's style is simply divine!! 

A self described “modern day C.Z. Guest” Alex’s style is a definite nod to the past. A time when women dressed for dinner and attended events with minks and full length gloves. Honestly I can’t quite get enough of her daily posts both on Instagram and her blog. I am so drawn to her “preppy with a twist” style. 

Alex excitedly agreed to share her closet with me for my series with The Southern C and it was so fun to be able to ask her everything I wanted to know about her style and how Teggy French began.  The post was hugely popular as I knew it would be and it was such a delight for me to have the opportunity to learn so much about her.

My favorite question to ask all of my interviews is their five must haves.  For Alex I had to adjust the question to include fashion.  Her response was exactly as I thought it would be ...

Vintage Pucci. Vintage Lilly. Turbans. Teggy French x Victory Optical sunglasses. Anything Jules Reid.

Alex also shared her bar cart with me for my Bar Cart Series and it was just as preppy and chic as she is, not that I had any doubt it would be.  Her drink of choice is a Hot 'n Dirty, a spin off of a dirty martini but this one is spicy.  umm, Yes Please!!!

Isn't she the cutest??  I will leave you with a few extra photos of her and her incredible style.  They are sure to make your Wednesday fabulous!

Have the best day ... 


  1. She is a cutie all right! I think I discovered her on your blog. There are some things I am dying to know, but it would be rude to ask...

  2. Wow! Now I really feel like a frump! Even in the day of those vintage clothes I never looked that good. I think she'd look fab even in a sack! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love her style, plus she is drop dead gorgeous!



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