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Winter Break 2017

The kids have been off all week for Winter Break.  Typically we make plans to leave town this week each year but this year with the addition of a cast for our youngest we stuck around town. Since Little Bit's closest friends all headed out of town for the week it was up to me to add some spice in to keep her spirits (and mine) up.

We started the week on Saturday morning when she and I headed out for a girls day.  We started with mani pedis which every girl needs to feel amazing.  Our regular salon was so kind and painted the toes on her casted foot so she would have cute toes even on a foot that has been so hard to deal with for the past six weeks.  She was thrilled.  After that we headed to our favorite lunch spot and then finished the afternoon with an incredible movie.  I had been dying to see Hidden Figures since it was released in early January.  It was amazing and more than I even hoped it would be.  Such a good movie to share with my girl. I will tell you I cried a number of times, seeing the the way the women and their families were treated in that time and age was hard for me.  No person should ever be treated as less than anything.  Ever.

Girls day out for the win!

Sunday we stopped at Fellini's Pizza after church.  I have lived in Atlanta for 24 years and had never been to Fellini's.  It was delicious and the weather was perfect for sitting outside. I can highly recommend the veggie slice and salad and will share with you we will be now after church regulars.

Monday the kids spent the day hanging out with a few friends before they left town.  We hosted a sleep over and the kids made buckets and buckets of slime.  Lawyer played cool Daddy and took the kids to the market and to Michaels for supplies.  They played for hours and made so much slime in so many colors.  The weather was so fabulous they made it all outside on the deck.  I am a huge fan of kids playing creatively, they need lots of it and the giggles and memories they create are priceless.

Wednesday morning brought an early orthopedist appointment to have the cast removed.  To make sure she completely heals and is ready to swim once again the doctor placed her in a brace and has ordered physical therapy.  Her ankle didn't love the brace and she spent most of the day icing it and laying around hoping the swelling would go down.  After a day off her ankle and lots of ice and Advil we hit the ground running on Thursday for some fun around the city.

First stop was a place I had been wanting to try for such a long time and the wait was well worth it. Buttermilk Kitchen was absolutely delicious.  Not only is it charming but it is also staffed with the kindest people.  I ordered the french press coffee and an order of the chicken sausage and a buttermilk biscuit to share.  The kids ordered pancakes and hash browns and I ordered the caramelized banana oatmeal.

I will tell you this.  I have found my new favorite brunch spot.  The french press coffee was the most amazing coffee I have ever had and the coffee cup served to me was piping hot itself which made the cup of coffee I had absolutely fabulous!!  The biscuit was divine and so large we split it among the three of us and the chicken sausage was the perfect amount of spicy.  The oatmeal was ridiculous and I ate every single bit which made our meal perfect to be able to hold us until we had an early dinner. I don't think I will ever be able to eat oatmeal again without a banana and some fresh grated cinnamon.  Even the kids thought it was divine.

From brunch we headed downtown to the World of Coca-Cola.  The kids had not been to this new location and it was the perfect in town adventure.  I knew I wanted to take them to SkyView Atlanta when we left so spending some time at the museum was a perfect choice.  They had a blast.  I love spending time with my family and listening to them take in new things.  They both loved the museum and we had a long conversation at dinner at the number of people who tried to steal the formula or pretend they were responsible for the success of Coke.  It was a good time to talk about celebrating someone else's success and why some people have a problem doing just that. I loved watching them try so many Coke products from around the world and trick each other into believing something was good when in fact it was less than par.  They giggled for so long and my mama heart was so happy.

And then we were off to the Ferris wheel.  I have been twice and although I am very afraid of heights I knew the kids would love it and I was willing to be a big girl for them.  Both times I had ridden before the ride was continuous and never stopped so it made two large rounds and then it was over.  Just enough time to see amazing views of the city and just as my fear factor was at its peak it was over.

Not the case for this round.  Just as we boarded Little Bit says ... "I wish it would stop at the top for a bit".  Ha.  Silly girl. The whole time I am thinking that won't happen and all is well.

Until it wasn't and we found ourselves stuck at the top for what seemed like forever.  Just swinging up there more than 200 feet from the ground.  Lord help me I prayed and sweated and completely freaked out.  So much for being brave. The kids said my face turned grey and I did all I could not to pass out in front of them.

Since we stopped the operators gave us an extra two turns.  I would have paid them cash to stop it and let me off, but four turns we made.  I was never so happy to see the ground when it finally stopped!!!

We finished the evening with our favorite meal and this mama treated herself to a Skinny Margarita which did so much to calm the anxiety that was still running through me.

I captured our day for me and you can see snipits of it below.  We had the best day and all in all a great week doing things we have never done before in our own city.  The kids are off to church retreats this afternoon and Lawyer and I are off for an overnight adventure.

Happy Friday, hope yours is amazing and full of adventure!!


  1. Love reading your post about your day in ATL - I grew up there but now live in TX! I used to live right behind Fellini's on Peachtree in Buckhead and ate there all the time. Still to this day my fave pizza!

  2. My family and I will be in Atlanta this weekend and I was wondering if you could give me a recommendation for a casual but good restaurant downtown for dinner and a rec for a good Mexican restaurant. Thanks so much!

  3. What lovely children you have, must be very proud! And your son looks so much like his father. Thanks for a great post!



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