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Candle Making with Candlefish

If you have ever smelled a Candlefish candle you instantly can tell the difference in these quality candles.  There is something quite different about a Candlefish candle and once you light the candle you will notice the smell that first drew you to the specific candle has now drawn you in with its layered scent and magical glow.  Since I am quite a candle connoisseur,  I was thrilled to make the introduction of Candlefish's new location in Ponce City Market and the knowledgeable and kind staff.

Opened by Rewined Candles founder, Adam Fetsch, Candlefish was opened as a "destination that shares the illuminating experience of candle-making through scent, tough and sight."  With their library of more than one hundred fragrances that are "strategically concocted in numerous different ways to form the scents behind the handmade candles in their collection."  Each candle is made of three scents that begin to show themselves as the candle burns.

Candlefish recently opened a 1,578 square foot store in Ponce City Market and it has been creating quite the buzz.  The first of its kind in Atlanta, the store offers BYOB candle making workshops where attendees can choose their favorite scent and create two candles they get to take home.  I had the fabulous experience of attending one of their candle making classes and I can share it was quite an amazing evening.

The class starts with the Chandler (candle maker) sharing the history of Candlefish and then we were to make our way around the shop and smell each of the candles they make.  I had the most fun trying out each of their signature 100 candles to hone in on my signatures scents.  I was pretty sure I was drawn to florals and citrus and after narrowing down my favorites I was indeed correct. They had so many I enjoyed but there were six that I truly adored. I had to narrow it down even further and once I did I was left with candle no. 88 with its lemon, tulip and musk.

You make notes on a card of the numbers you love and those you aren't drawn to and the shop keeps the card on file.  What a perfect way to make a gift list of those you wish to try.  In my case I marked four of them that would be perfect for hostess gifts.  I also marked two candles I would love to recall for marketing gifts.  I can't imagine a more perfect happy than a fabulous candle, my darling signature matches and a personal note.

The candle making began ...

Once the candles are complete they must sit for a few hours before they can be transported.  Since my class was at 6 pm I left mine over night and picked them up the next day.  They were wrapped beautifully and ready for me when I arrived the next morning .

When the candles are set they look like the ones below.  These were made by a Chandler for the shop as every Candlefish candle they sell is made in house.  I just love this detail.  Aren't they fabulous?  I wish you could smell them!

I purchased a few extra candles for hostess gifts and a few for me as well and I could not wait to get home and get my candles unpacked and begin to enjoy them.  The Chandler gave us wonderful instructions on how to burn our candles to ensure we got the most out of our creations.  I must say as much as I love candles I was quite unaware of how to properly care for one.  I have now purchased a wick trimmer and feel so good about how I am caring for my new creations.

I have the candle care instructions she gave us to share with you ...

Tip #1: Avoid tunneling: This candle care tip has to do with how long you allow your candle to burn. You know that little pool of melted wax that occurs when you light your candle? Always allow that melt pool to reach all the way to the edge of your candle vessel every time you light it, and don't blow the candle out until the entire top of the candle is liquid wax. Your candles will last longer and your candle won't tunnel!

Tip #2: Keep your candle wick healthy: Always trim your wick to a 1/4 inch before lighting. If a wick is too long, it may split at the top and leave a mess in your candle wax. A short wick does a great job at creating the pool of melted wax (which is where the fragrance comes from), and a wick that is too long simply burns your candle faster than necessary.

I highly recommend you attend a candle making class at Candlefish.  It is perfect for a date night, girls night out or even a birthday evening.  I have pulled together five of my besties for a girls night out in March so if you happen to see me there make sure you say hello!!! The darling girls at the shop have given me a coupon code to share with you so that you can schedule one for yourself. From now until March 31 you can sign up for a class using the promotional code THEPINKCLUTCHBLOG for 15% the class fee.   Sign up for classes here.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed my candles and can not wait to bring more home. We are working on relocating our guest bedroom and I need a scent that will carry from the guest bedroom into the new guest bath as well.  

What to choose??

Happy Monday!!


  1. Well dang, I'm going to be in ATL the weekend of Mar. 31-April 2, but I won't have free time until Sunday. Any other recommendations for a fun Sunday afternoon?

  2. I would love to go and attend a class. How fun. We burn candles every evening in our home.



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