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Porch Appeal

As the weather is warming up here in Atlanta I am starting to think about our front porch. I say "porch" but it is really a small area and probably should be called a stoop.  Anyway, it is time to clean out my planters and freshen them up for spring and summer.

Since the front door is the first view of our house I would love for it to truly be stunning. For the last few years I have added Kimberly Ferns to our planters.  Although I love the way they look I seem to always want something a little more.  I have been trolling Pinterest for some inspiration and I have found some amazing options.  I will mix the details off the ones I love most to create something I think I will really love.

I mean each one of these images is better than the last one.  I love how they all have height and tons of layers.  I love the mix of greenery and flowers so I will need to think about that for a bit. Since I am positive I have a black thumb and our front door gets full sun most of the day I will need to research that as well. 

I can't wait to see what I end up with ... stay tuned!

All images can be found on my Home Perfection board on Pinterest!


  1. Our last home, before we down-sized to our townhouse, looked just like yours. The only difference is that we remodeled our front porch to have columns and a roof. We loved that house

  2. Last summer I decided to forget the complicated multiple flowers in the front door planters thing, and just popped a big Fuchsia in each one (Home Depot specials...) They were amazing! I'm in a totally different zone than you, so I'd check with neighbors about your area/sun/etc., but wow, no maintenance, and stunning show all summer. I got the hot pink and purple variety (which I always refer to as the "Belle Watling," no idea what it's really called :) but they come in more subtle combos, as well...



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