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Introducing Steve McKenzie ...

I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Steve and his lovely wife Jill a few years ago at an industry event.  I don't recall which event it was, I just remember thinking how kind they both were and how much they seemed to adore working together.

Jill and Steve McKenzie own Steve McKenzies in West Midtown Atlanta. If you visit the store you will feel an incredible old world collected feel about it with the perfect blend of the lines they carry mixed in with Steve’s art and textiles. You can pick up amazing blue and white porcelain, fabulous fabrics and wallpapers from fellow industry artists, incredible china, design books and amazing gifts, and of course, all of Steve’s creations.  While you are there make sure you meet their adorable rescue pup Duke.

Over the past few years I would run into them at markets and events but we never had a true chance to sit and chat, it was simply one mingle event after another. I always left feeling the same way, such kind and talented people and a duo I needed to know more about.

Fast forward to this February at The Southern C Summit where I found myself seated next to Steve at dinner. I had the absolute honor to chat with Steve for more than an hour where we conversed about our businesses, our lives and the journey along the way. I was immediately smitten with his southern charm and his incredible passion for art. I knew I wanted to know more about Steve “the artist” and “the McKenzies” as shop owners and business partners and how it all fit together.

I interviewed Steve for my series with The Southern C which you can read here.  You will fall in love with him, the shop and his incredible talent. 

Happy Wednesday!

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