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Tretorn Nylite Is 50!

I have been wearing Tretorns since I was in college and one of my roommates moved in wearing a pair.  I was instantly in love with the darling shoe and how much she raved about how comfortable they were.  Debbie Denman (cutest girl ever) wore them all the time and the more worn they got, the more she loved them.  I felt the exact same way with my first pair, a pair that I wore until they truly were hardly even there. They were white with navy details and I immediately fell in love with them and have been wearing the iconic shoe ever since.  My current pair in rotation is a pink on pink pair and I get so many compliments on them every single time I wear them.  Pink + Tretorns ... #yesplease.


I recently learned the Iconic Nylite turns 50 this year ... a huge accomplishment for any company.  I can't say I am surprised that people love their Tretorns as much as they do, for any one that wears them will tell you they are extremely comfortable and stylish to boot.  The old school look and feel makes them even more desirable and the perfect conversation starter to anyone you see sporting them.

My most favorite pair we own is a tiny pink and white pair that Little Bit wore when she was about four.  I ordered them from Lands End who had three colors for sale at the time and I should have ordered them in every size they made.  She loved those shoes and, of course, I loved seeing her wear them! Those darling pink shoes paired with her Lilly dresses on the playground at school made my heart so happy.

Sigh ... 

Do you wear Tretorns?  If not maybe you should check them out, you will love them.

me ... last day of High Point

I promise!

Happy Monday!


  1. I had the most darling pair of Tretorns when I was younger - they were white with green plaid details. I keep an eye out for the reissue every year.

  2. Oh my gosh!! I wore Tretorns for years . I worked at a Tennis Pro Shop in HS and they carried Tretorns and I bought them for myself then. I haven't had a pair in a while and my "older" feet could use some of their comfort these days. I think I may have to get a pink pair... but it's hard to get past classic white. I can't decide but I love them!! Great reminder -maybe they should go on my Christmas list!!



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