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Dutch Door Love

image from Madcap Cottage via Traditional Home

Remember yesterday when I said I was installing a dutch door?  Yep ... it is only a week or so away from happening and I am truly giddy.  I have wanted a dutch door for the longest time and I am truly so excited I get to install one in our home.

After stalking the one above in the home of the Madcap Cottage gents I started scheming where I could install the door I have wanted forever in our home.  It finally hit me, the laundry room.  When we redid the space I removed the door to gain extra space but I find myself wishing it was still there at times to close when we have company and don't want to have them attacked with licks from the JRT team.  A dutch door on this space would be perfect.  I can keep the bottom closed and the top open to let the light come in and see into the room.

Perfect plan, right?

After chatting with the Hubs and our oldest son I learned I can take a solid door and cut it to the specifications I need. Lucky for me our oldest works at the architect shop at school and the team has offered to use the table saw to cut the door for me. Cue confetti and champagne.

I ordered this door yesterday and as soon as it arrives I will be heading straight to the shop to have it cut for me.  Add in an extra hinge (two for the top door and two for the bottom) and this hardware and I am good to go!!

image via Christina Wedge

Oh, and to paint it a fun color ...  I have green on the brain, don't you think?

Stay tuned ... I am finishing so many fun things to share during our holiday tours.  Dutch door, new paint in the entry, custom lamp shades, rugs ... oh my!

Have the best Thursday!


  1. Have always wanted a dutch door! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  2. Love it ! And green would be gorgeous!

  3. Hi Paige! I have recently started following you and love your home and the joyful way you approach your projects and life in positive!! Props and I cannot wait to see your holiday tour.

  4. We had a dutch door in my childhood home, to the backyard and it was perfect for our house. I remember it so well.




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