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Eddie Ross And The House of His Dreams

When Eddie Ross and his partner Jaithan Kochar bought their new home it was truly a stroke of luck locating the house that they will call their dream home.  After moving out of Pine Hill Farm a few years ago they boxed up their "pretties" in three pods and set their sights on finding a new home.  At a photo shoot for Better Homes and Gardens they stumbled onto an area on the Main Line of Pennsylvania, an area that Eddie says was completely new to him.  After searching with Jaithan and an agent for a while Eddie told me he just simply stated "I just want an old Colonial in a neighborhood where we can walk to town".  A few months later their agent found exactly what they wanted and the rest is history.

After months of plans and finalizing the details the true work began on what Eddie shares has been quite the journey.  "There were many 'what have I done' moments" but as we all know hard work is truly the only way to achieving what we really dream about and this house is something Eddie and Jaithan have dreamed of for quite some time.  When it is all said and done and the pods are unpacked and every inch has been decorated to the nines as we all know it will be, it will be worth every second of stress, blood, sweat and tears.

They will be truly home!

Eddie tells the history of the home on his blog ...

It’s a 1920s center hall colonial on the Main Line of Philadelphia, which runs northwest from the city along the historic Main Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Since the house is located on the perimeter of a part of town where every street is named after a different North American tree, we’ve decided to call it Edgewood Hall. The house isn’t grand, but its style and symmetry give it a stateliness I love. In fact, something tells me it’s an old Sears Roebuck home the original owners modified, but we’ll know for sure soon enough. Most of the homes Sears designed were simple but built to last with fine millwork, hard woods and copper piping. 

I have been stalking watching the renovations closely as the home comes closer and closer to completion which is set for early in the new year. With every single post under the hashtag #edgewoodhill you can find details of things they have bought, progress on the house and the building excitement for both Eddie and Jaithan as their dream becomes a reality. I was thrilled to learn Eddie would be writing for House Beautiful sharing bits of the journey in a column which debuted in the November issue.  When it arrived in my mailbox earlier this week I was truly so excited.  Not only is Eddie someone I adore professionally he is also a friend.  After meeting in 2012 at Scott Antique Market we have spent time shopping, chatting via email and visiting when we both find ourselves in the same city at the same time.  In March of last year after shopping at the Charlotte Flea he gifted me a set of pearls that belonged to his beloved grandmother, a gift that will forever be special to me.  

Eddie was so kind to chat with me about his new column, the journey of renovating a home and what all of this means to him, Jaithan and their adorable pups. I love our phone calls where I ask question after question and he shares so much that I find myself laughing more than I can jot down. In the age where most interviews are conducted via email it is so refreshing and fun to sit on a call and talk, laugh and learn way more than you ever do in an email conversation.  

Thank you friend!

What is your favorite thing about the house? 

It is truly exactly what we wanted.  The house was built in 1923 and is a 4 bedroom, 2 and 1/2 bath home with large size rooms and amazing hard wood floors. It is an old house that will still feel like an old house in many ways after the renovation. We strived to keep the original elements and replace the guts that we needed to, HVAC, heat, plumbing, and show off all the old charm the house had. It is a small grand house with great proportions and a center hall. It is symmetrical and has a great flow for parties.  It is everything we wanted and more. The house truly looks smaller than it is which I love. It has a small feel but it goes on and on.  It is deep vs tall and it sits on a 1/2 acre with a nice front yard and a deep back yard which gives us the opportunity to enjoy the inside and outside of the house and have a place for the dogs as well.  It's in a great school system and very close to town which makes it great for resale.  I can't wait to walk to town and home after dinner. 

What are you most excited about as the house gets closer to completion? 

First and most important that we are still together!  This is our first gut renovation and its been both amazing and really challenging.  There were many times I would pull away in a cab not caring if the whole thing burned down.  I didn't realize we were taking on such a huge project.  In the past we always made do with the spaces we had and just put "lipstick on the pig".  This time we truly asked for exactly what we wanted and fought for it.  In the end it will be everything and more. 

Second, for us it is the perfect house.  We can't wait to entertain and have party after party.  Have space for us and our things and the dogs. To have spaces and rooms that flow, a real yard. It will be so incredible. 

I'm leaning toward the master bedroom of #Edgewoodhall to have a more masculine worldly feel. I'm loving the color mix of apricot, persimmon, and slate blue together. The slate blue will make the room feel fresh and cool in the spring/summer, while the apricot and persimmon will warm it up in the fall/winter months.

Do you have a favorite space in the house? 

Yes!  What was before a three seasons porch will now be known as the Garden Room. We completely redesigned and enclosed it adding honed marble floors, transoms and french doors.Removing a warped ceiling we found a vaulted ceiling which will now be beadboarded and the perfect place for a pair of 1950s red chinoiserie tole lanterns I found in Des Moines.  It is probably the space I am most excited to use.

Starting to scheme out the design for garden room at #edgewoodhall. I'm feeling a happy year round blast of color and pattern will do the trick.

I am sure I am not the only one who will be scouring their House Beautiful magazine each month for Eddie's column.  This month he shares a little behind the scenes story of what they thought would be the house for them in Connecticut.  After "another home romance squelched" they found Edgewood Hall which I truly believe was meant for them.  I love how they share the elements they are keeping and reusing and those which didn't make the cut.  It is a wonderful column and one I will be anticipating as my magazine arrives each month. 

Thank you sweet friends for the interview, the scoop on the journey and sharing your home with me and my readers.  I adore you ... 

Happy Saturday to all of you!!

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