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Random Thoughts #10252017

Happy hump day!  I hope your week is looking up, I know mine definitely is.  Why do Monday and Tuesday drag on for ever and then the rest of the week seem to fly by in a wink? I do not understand one single bit.

I have so many things running through my brain this week I decided it was time for my favorite post ... a random thoughts.  It allows me to share so many things with you and covers so many topics on my to share list so it is a major win, win for me. 😀

Here we go ... 

I am madly in love with a local company Willow Park Boutique.  They have the cutest things and I love that the girls are so willing to help me look my best when I reach out and ask for help!  This dress is not only darling but so comfy.  Stay tuned for more about this fabulous piece.  You can shop it here.

As this photo was taken my sweet husband peeked out the window of our bedroom and smiled at me, hence the smile full of love back at him!  😍

Also get these earrings in every color they have.  So cute and so light, the best two words for a statement earring! (I just checked and only pink and orange are left, so hurry if you want them!)

I purchased new lipstick before I left for Highpoint and I love it so much!!  I grabbed two colors and currently have a great coral {Orange Blood} (seen above) and a good pink {Shocking Pink}.  They are easy to wear, stay on all day and I get so many compliments on my lips.  Check out all the colors here.

Oh, and I also got this eye serum and its the bomb. I have bags under my eyes that follow me everywhere (hereditary) and I am just not ready for surgery.  The lovely girl at the counter recommended I try this product and I truly see a difference.  Surgery can wait for now!!

Anyone else obsessed with Houstons/Hillstone kale salad?  It is something I crave when I am not there and I was beyond excited to find that my friend Ashley Brooke feels the same way and has shared this recipe for one she makes.  Thank you Ashley for helping me with my lunch idea for basically here on out.

Do you spy the dutch door open on the left ... I die!

I have been tackling so many things on my house to do list this week and I am feeling so good about it.  I have had a list of things I wanted to do before I share our home tour for the holidays and the crisp cool mornings + some stress in my life has definitely contributed to knocking a major part of it off the list.  I am a girl who gets really busy when she is stressed, and it helps so much.  When you can't control one thing it helps to control something you can and should.  Bam ... this house is looking better than ever!!

One thing on my list ... a dutch door!  I can't wait to show you where it ends up.  #eek

The Country Living Fair is this weekend and I am so excited to attend.  So much to see, so much to eat and amazing shopping, does it get any better.  I was so thrilled to be able to give away six tickets Monday to six very excited Instagram followers.  Are we friends on Instagram?  If not, can we be?

Shirt || Earrings || Glasses || Jeans || Mules (sold out)

Let me take a second and tell you about this backpack.  Being on the road as much as I was this month was hard for my super organized self and yet this bag made it so much easier.  I packed it before each trip and everything was exactly as I needed it, where I needed it and wearing it was so easy.  Stylish + organized was the perfect combination.  I received so many compliments on the bag, but that isn't surprising at all.  I adore Madeline, her story and her amazing bags!

This article was so interesting.  I love a story and an heirloom full of history.

This article full of fun recipes will take your eggnog game to the next level!

I have shared before that I am a Barrington Gifts bag girl when I travel.  This photo not only proves this to you but also shows you that all of my besties are as well.  Barrington makes the best bags and they are perfect for so many things.  I have a few different patterns that all have similar monogram styles so I mix them up.  Also pictured in this shot are bags from my friends Krystine and Eric.  Clearly we are BG peeps!

Are any of these near you?  I am not sure I would visit on Halloween itself (scaredy cat over here), but I did love reading the article.

When Lawyer and I were married we adopted a number of these classic wedding traditions.  I would have definitely loved a month long honeymoon as it took me days to truly feel rested, but the snake ring was 100% not me.  Anything you wish you would have done?

These earrings are one of my new favorite pairs.  I find so many good ones at BaubleBar.  I truly think  a statement earring can change everything about your outfit, especially if you aren't super excited about wearing something for the thousandth time.  I have pulled some of my favorites for you, two of which are on their way to me as I type!

Have the best day ... love you all!!!

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  1. What about the slippers in the last photo????? Too cute. Do you have a source you could share?



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