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Holiday Tables On The Brain

Can you believe we are about to enter the holiday season?  I can't be the only one in shock that tomorrow is November 1, can I?  How does the time go so fast?

As I was thinking about last year's Thanksgiving and the plans we are making for this year I immediately thought of the colors I want to use.  After finding some fabulous hedge apples at the Country Living fair last weekend I settled on a blue, green and white theme. I am really excited to use things we have mixed with a few new things and most of all to have people we love gathered around a table giving thanks.  First and foremost that is the most important thing to me. 

A few years ago we spent the first half of the week in the mountains and then came home the day before Thanksgiving to dinner and some more family time in our house.  It was amazing and I am thinking of doing the same thing this year as the kids have the entire week off from school.  We shall see how it all pans out with sports, etc. but for now I am running with my plan.

Since I have been speaking a lot lately on the simplicity of entertaining I have some tips today for the holiday season along with my favorite items I have pulled for you and some for hostess gifts.  I firmly believe you must always show up with something when you have been invited over.  Even if it is just for a glass of wine or coffee I always have a sursie in hand.

First tip, plan out an appetizer that is easy to serve and easy for all ages to eat while you are finalizing your holiday cooking.  Cooking for the holiday always comes with hiccups for me as we are always trying to plan out the oven schedule.  😕 A snack is always super helpful for us to help keep those starving marvins out of my hair.  Seems smelling food cooking makes little people hungry!

My go to is a charcuterie tray since it seems to appease all ages.  My recipe is three cheese (two hard and one spreadable), two kinds of crackers, one bread, two meats, some nuts and fruit. The example above is from my friend Mandy and she nailed the presentation in my opinion.  You can experiment with what you like, as I do all the time, but you will find the things that are gone first and items you definitely want to buy again. This recipe works for me with a small group, if you have a large one you can multiply or make more than one tray.  Experiment ... add honey, spiced nuts, jelly, rosemary bread, cheese straws, candied ginger, etc.  There is no way to mess up this appetizer, pinky swear!

Second tip, set the table early. Since Lawyer handles most of the cooking I am responsible for setting the menu and the table which, as you know, is my favorite part!  I love choosing everything from the tablecloth to the salt cellars and mixing it all up.  It is so fun!  Since I am feeling blue and green with white I will be adding in gold accessories and definitely my brass candle holders. I am excited!  Setting the table early let's me play with it more and decide what is missing and what I can remove.

I have found that it is hard to find amazing tablecloths I love.  I have pulled some of my favorites for you and some I think would be incredible to add to my stash.  And the one with the scallop edge ... oh yes please! I am also drawn to this runner and its not a pattern I usually love.

And, of course, I will be using my blue and white accessories to ground the blue for me.  I have gathered mine over time and I have pulled my favorite pieces available for you.  I love mixing all sizes and colors and using them all over the house. 

Last tip, make sure you always show up with something special in hand. I have pulled a few great items for you below.  Some other great sursie and hostess gift ideas ... I love taking their favorite candle, a bottle of their favorite champagne or sending a wreath to arrive before the event.  I  always hope to make such an impression they want to add me immediately to all their guest lists.  😉

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks coming soon.  I have two fun events on the books for early November and December which I am excited to share.  I will be teaching about Friendsgiving and some amazing finds for shopping.  Details to come very soon ... 

Happy Tuesday!

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