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My Favorite Holidays Picks

Did anyone else shop til they collapsed on Cyber Monday?  The deals were so good that I ended up doing most of my shopping and scoring a few things for me as well.  I mean, when in Rome, right?  Now that the cyber dust is settling I have pulled together a list of my favorite things I bought and where to find them just in case you also need some ideas for the people in your life.  This year I started with the hardest person in my circle to buy for ... and when I had that person covered it was easy to knock out the rest.  I have some fun ideas for you and while I can't tell you what exactly I bought (peering eyes from the Hubs + kids) I can tell you all the stuff that caught my eye.  I found some amazing ideas that I am super excited to share with you today.  😍

For me I struggle more with the men in my life than I do with the ladies.  I think I find so many fun things and wonderful gifts that I would love for myself that it is easy to spread out my finds among the girls in my life and it is just tougher with those boys.  I mean how many dinner gift cards and socks can you give before you just scream and say ... really?  So this year I did my homework and scoured the internet to find some creative things for the men in my life ... and yours. I am super excited with my finds, especially this speaker and these amazing watches.  Our oldest is moving out next weekend (not ready to discuss) so his list has been all related to moving and needing things for his own space. 

After knocking out all the males on my list I tackled the pups.  I usually don't get anything more for them a new toy, some jams (which they hate, but I love) and a bone or two. This year I have upped my game for them because they need a few things. I broke the treat jar and the single beds I bought for them they try to share which ends up resulting in a fight, so the list for dog needs began.   

The teenagers ... this category is hard for me only because I have to swap out some of the things they ask for and put in some things they either need (like more sports bras) or should want (like warm boots).  Sadly the request for individual Google Home was declined.  They are already both masters of Siri and for now that is all they need.  Add in some necessary things and a few splurge pieces and the wish list was complete.  Those wireless headphones are the perfect pink, don't you think?  Since I covered boys in the picks above, this round up is only for girls ... 

And the most fun category for me, for the women in your life!! I get so excited about this one because it feels like I am building the biggest wish list ever for others and I get so pumped and just keep adding.  This year my bestie group is all getting the same thing and I am so excited that I narrowed it down to an easy gift that I could buy multiples of, which I never do.  I just tried to pick something I would use time and time again and got eight of them.  I can't wait to give them out!!  

Here are my picks for the women, best friends and girl loved ones in your life ... 

Now the only problem for me is buying for others when the picks are that cute!!  They say the best gifts are those you wanted to keep for yourself!  I mean that coffee press ... oh and the lipstick holder.  So freaking fabulous!

I have a separate post for you on hostess gifts which will go live Monday.  I am not only showing you what I would pick, but how to wrap it up to give as well.  It should be a fun post!!

Have the best Wednesday ... that weekend it peeking just around the corner!

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