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A Glam Gingerbread Party


Two weeks ago on a gloomy Sunday a happy Christmas elf appeared dressed in her best red and green to transform our kitchen into a magical party wonderland.  Each year I host something special for our youngest and her precious group of school best friends and this year she requested a gingerbread house decorating party. I invited the group of six girls for a few hours and enlisted the skills of the amazing Jennifer Witherington to help me pull off a party worthy of these precious teenage girls.

I was blessed to meet Jenn and her mother at Home Goods one day while I was hunting for take away gifts for Little Bit's birthday party in September.  We started chatting later that weekend and immediately became friends.  If you spend five minutes on A Party Made Perfect website you will immediately see why.  Jennifer is darling and her parties and party boxes are to die for, each one better than the last.  She is a fellow color addict and her addiction with pink and green this Christmas has given me heart eyes every single day.  You must follow her on Instagram and check out her website, you will be completely smitten.

As I was chatting with Jennifer about the party we were working on together I asked her how the business began and absolutely loved her response ...

I've loved entertaining since I was young. The first event I hosted, outside of holiday parties, was my best friend, Megan's, bridal shower. I remember every detail from the fresh fruit mimosa bar to the floral dresses we wore. The next big bash was my oldest son's first birthday, which I started planning when he was just a few months old. Good thing, because those origami sailboat invitations took days! The glue gun burns from attaching the metal anchors were no joke but totally worth it. Reminds me of the pink snow bunny birthday I planned for my youngest (while I was actually still pregnant haha!) I realized I jumped the gun on that one after finding out I wasn't having a girl but instead another boy!

It was while planning that first bridal shower, though, that I fell in love with party planning. Over time, family, friends, and neighbors encouraged me to share my talent. Not only so everyone could enjoy my parties, but also so I could do what I was so passionate about more than just a few times a year! That's how it all started!

I'm now recently divorced and cherish the flexibility I have with my career more than ever. My idea of heaven is setting mock up party tables in a quiet house, late at night after I've put the boys to bed!

A few months ago, I decided to expand my business to include party kits that I ship nationwide. I wanted to offer an easy, affordable, and fast way to throw a chic party on your own, because you don't always need a planner. On my website you'll find party boxes that include it all, from forks to favors and everything in between. With parties for both children and adults and unique themes like Cactus Cutie and Lilly Pulitzer, it shows that just because your party comes in a box doesn't mean you have to think inside of one! Bachelorette survival kits are the newest product. So fun! 

Jennifer arrived promptly at 1:30 pm with a number of darling large green bags and spent the next two and a half hours transforming our kitchen and hot cocoa bar into a pink and green gingerbread wonderland with details and candy as far as the eye could see.  When she arrived the area was cleaned off and ready for her and when she was done with set up it was truly nothing short of spectacular.

Pink and green tinsel trees, candies of all kinds, glass and crystal serving dishes, gold accents and even tiny gold spoons for each candy dish not a single detail was left to chance.  As I watched her set the table my heart skipped many a beat knowing my girl and her friends would be so perfectly overwhelmed when they saw what she was creating for them. I so wish you could hear the Christmas music that played in the background as they arrived and gasped at the sight before them ...

They sipped hot cocoa from sprinkle rimmed mugs and snacked on Christmas cookies and the candy they decided they could spare from the decorations.  I happily snapped photos of them decorating until I was deemed "annoying" and then I stepped away to sip Prosecco with the darling party planner.

Before being shooed away I snapped some darling photos of the girls as they giggled, chatted about school and life and decorated their little hearts out.  It was truly so precious to watch them work.  Jennifer had made aprons for each of the girls tied with darling green bows and they were truly so darling wearing them.

Each of the girls created beautiful houses and I only snagged pictures of the roof of one of them before I was asked to be the photographer for their Instagram pic.  I just don't understand where she gets all of these thoughts ... 😏

Little Bit and her darling friends in their Christmas PJs

I asked Jennifer to share a few tips she has gathered and a few more things she might be willing to share.  She had amazing tips, but I know she would ...

What’s your favorite part in the planning process?

When I find that one fabulous and unique thing that inspires a new party. I rarely have my mind set on a theme unless I have a customer request, especially when creating party boxes. Instead, when I'm inspired by something I find, say a fantastic cocktail napkin, it becomes a jumping off point.

Any tips for people using a party planner?

Tell your planner early on if you have any of your own ideas. There's nothing worse than arriving at your event only to find the satin table runners you had been lusting after weren't included. Also decide in the beginning how involved you want to be in the planning process. It can be difficult when a client decides to dive in head first mid party planning.

What’s your favorite party to host?

Special occasions like bridal showers, graduations, baby showers, bach bashes, etc. Nothing beats being a part of people's most very special days and making them fabulous. It feels like a super power! Not to say birthdays aren't special occasions... We just often have more of those in a lifetime than say baby showers. ;)

Five things you think every party needs.

A one of a kind item that can't just be purchased anywhere, fabulous food, family, friends, and FUN!

Our party was a huge success and I can't wait to plan something with her again very soon.  She is kind, warm and has an incredible smile.  Her attention to details speaks to my heart and I can not recommend her enough.  The girls had a wonderful time and every single time we chatted she was way ahead of me with the details.  We chatted only a few times before the party began and she always had an answer for every single question I had.  You will adore her and her amazing gift.

Thank you Jenn for preparing a perfect afternoon for my girl and her friends.  We had a fabulous time and you worked so hard to create such a special memory for them, and me.  I truly can not thank you enough.

Happy Tuesday ... I hope you are thoroughly enjoying the third day of Christmas!

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