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Merry Christmas!!

Taking a quick break from family snuggles, Hallmark movies on repeat and games to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  I hope this morning greeted you with enormous love, much grace and the feeling that everything was perfect in this world, for even just a few minutes.

We woke up early, had coffee by the fire and then waited for the kids to come to the stairs and be ready for our annual photo on the stairs.  I can look back and see how little they were when we first moved in and gathered them on the stairs when there were just two of them and our youngest was barely a thought.  As the years went on they could no longer share a stair and this year they barely fit on two.  It is a lot to manage for this mama.

Our house is warm and cozy, the fire lit in the fireplace and the giggles and hot cocoa are flowing.  It is a special day for us as our family has been walking a hard path lately and this day is a welcome break from all the comings and goings and worries of late.

As we gather to celebrate the birth of our Savior I am overwhelmed with the blessings bestowed on me.  As a blogger the community I am a part of is a huge blessing to me, the love and friendship you have shown me is beyond what I ever expected or deserve.  It is nothing short of magical and I thank you for each one of you.

I am also incredibly thankful for my precious family, for the tight bond we share, for the love and the warmth and the memories we make every day as a party of five.  I can not imagine walking my life without these people who are truly my everything.

Merry Christmas from my home and family to yours.  I will be taking some time off the next week, I will be posting but not all five days.  I have a holiday bucket list to complete with my kids and I can't wait to spend some truly fabulous days with my people!                                            

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