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Christmas At Our House

I shared our dining room all dressed up for Christmas and then left you hanging with the rest of the house.  I didn't mean to let that happen, schedules got crazy and the photographer was booked and the next thing I knew it was a week before Christmas and we were all in the thick of the season.

Although I don't professional shots to share with you I do have some images from my Iphone of my favorite elements from this season's decor.  I used pink ribbons on the front of the house and pink and green with gold and white in the dining room and the rest of the house I used all my favorite plaid ribbons mixed with blue and pink.  It was simple yet perfect as far as I felt.  With all the crazy this year has brought I really wanted to enjoy the season and I skipped a lot of the things that seem to fill my days with stress and just truly enjoyed decorating the house and then focused on enjoying it.

Christmas is truly my favorite time of the year and as the kids have grown it has become harder and harder to just take a breath and truly enjoy it all.  It can easily become a repeat of rushing around, squeezing things in instead of deep breathing and taking the time to soak up the season and the reason we celebrate.  I even skipped sending Christmas cards this year and I can not tell how much it took off my plate.  I did feel bad every single time I received a card wondering if someone would think I skimped out on them and then I realized I made the right decision for us and I had to rest in those thoughts.

I hope you enjoy my favorite little corners of our home all decorated to celebrate the birth of Jesus ...

Each of these images was shot as I would walk by and spot something and decide to capture the moment. Some of the pictures were shot in good light and some not, but I love each of them anyway.  I really love our home and think Christmas makes it feel the warmest and most cozy of the entire year.

I hope you enjoy these last few days before Christmas ... we only have a few more sleeps before the best birthday of the year.

Happy Friday to you all ...

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