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Pajamas All Day Long Please

Anyone else love Christmas pajamas? I mean I love pajamas (as you all know) and adding in the word Christmas and it just gets better! When I was in Charleston at the beginning of the month I surprised my friend Krystine with this nightshirt (25% off with code PJ25) and clearly she loved it.  We both did ... but what's not to love with anything covered in champagne bottles.

I am a huge fan of Toss Designs pajamas and I am thrilled that have expanded their collection. I also love that their pajamas are wonderful collaborations with various artists. Evelyn Henson's skiing giraffes are clearly darling along with Mari Robeson's Marcel Monkey and A Thing Created Champagne nightshirt. 

Can we just pause on the skiing giraffes for one second ...

Perfect right?

I have gathered up all my favorites from my usual sources.  I absolutely love buying, gifting and wearing pajamas this time of the year more than usual.  I think because it gets early so dark now I feel like my pj pants paired with a sweater is perfect house attire.  By 5 pm if I am home I am wearing pj pants.  Every. Single. Day.

Do you love gifting Christmas pajamas as much as I do?  All the kids get a new pair each year and we wear them on repeat.  They make a great kid gift and perfect swap gift for teens.  Who doesn't love a cute pair of pants paired with fuzzy socks and a fun pack of hot cocoa?  I have rounded up my favorites for you below ... and just to keep it real, I own almost every single pair I linked and if I don't own them someone in the house does.  🎅🎄

Yes, I have a pj addiciton.  I am happy to carpool to the meeting. 

Happy Tuesday ... can we count down to pj hour?

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