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25 St. Patrick's Days

I am pretty sure I have mentioned it before, but just in case I didn't St Patrick's Day is special to our family.  Lawyer asked me out for a green beer 25 years ago, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I truly love St. Patrick's Day, as I have come to learn, very special for so many people. For us it always signifies another year we are a family and another year to stop and be thankful for the gift we have in each other.  A green beer that turned into a "do you want to walk over and listen to the pianos play" and lastly with a sweet kiss. 

It is one day I shall never forget!  💚

Since I am not one who cares for red meat, I usually pass on the traditional corn beef dinner and just make it for the Hubs and the kids.  This year I have requested that Lawyer make one of his famous flank steaks while I make pasta salad and green beans and some herb roasted potatoes.  We are planning to eat together Saturday night and then spend some family time over a fun movie.  I love that our first St. Patrick's Day was just us and this year as we celebrate 25 years of this fun day together we are doing it as a family.  This family of mine is everything to me!

I set the table earlier today so I would be ahead of the game.  We have a full night tonight and tomorrow I have a security meeting for Haiti and then some errands to fun so it is set and ready for an early dinner tomorrow.  I will take some snaps of his meal and our table just before we sit down.  I am very strict about our "no technology at the table" rule so that is the one pictures I will be able to share.  

I will happily share his flank steak recipe and take some stories as we are cooking ... I never seem to remember to do either, but I will remember tomorrow for you!

Have the best Friday ... I am excited about our weekend and hope you are as well! 🎉

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