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Cocktail Accessories

I get a lot of questions from readers and followers and a lot of them are really good ones I want to share with all of you.  As you recall, I answered a bunch of them in this post and I hope to do it on a regular basis.  It was fun to answer them, it felt like I was sitting around and chatting over a cup of coffee and getting to know one another better.  One of my favorite questions recently came as a direct message on Instagram and it was so good I decided to answer it as a whole blog post.  Today's topic ... cocktail accessories.

Now you may be thinking I mean accessories you wear to a cocktail party, but I do not.  We are chatting today about things you use at cocktail hour or to host a few people for a little soiree.  Her question to me was a source for plates to use while having cocktails and appetizers.  She was all set with cocktail recipes but needed things to use during cocktail hour and for entertaining.  I can absolutely help in this area, and am happy to do so!

For me I think there are some basic things you need to pull together cocktail hour.  I would start with a tray, add in some napkins (either paper or cloth), some tidbit plates, possibly a carafe for mixing and most definitely the perfect glass. Oh, and don't forget a good ice bucket!

I have some great sources for these items and let's begin with my favorite little shoppe, Emily McCarthy!  When I went to her site I noticed she has a section for her bar and his bar which would be the most fun place to hunt and register for fun things in this area.  The best thing about shopping with Emily is you can use the same monogram on each piece to pull it all together.  And, the best part ... you can create a custom monogram and then use it on all your items.  #bestideaever!  While you are over at the shoppe you can also score some swizzle sticks, melamine pieces and one of my favorite items, anything in Chinoiserie Palm

I also searched the web and found some darling things for each item above ... let's separate the choices out by item!

Tray ... 

Trays are good for so many things and appetizers are one of my favorite uses for a good tray.  You can create a fun charcuterie platter, a small selection of snacks or even a wonderful spread of appetizers. The tray is a perfect place to gather your bites and a darling way to display them.  If it has handles it makes it easy to put together the food in one room and carry to the den or even to the porch.  I do love a great tray!

Napkins ... 

I love napkins, both paper and cloth.  For paper cocktail napkins I use these almost exclusively.  I have so many colors and love them all.  For cloth napkins I found such cute options.  You could order them with or without a monogram, I think they would be fabulous either way.  Of course, I prefer mine monogrammed. You can purchase cocktail napkins or dinner napkins and use them for both occasions.  I use our dinner napkins many times for cocktail hour and love the size for both cocktails and dinner.

Tidbit plates ... 

Plates for cocktail hour are so fun.  You can get so creative and chose something that reflects your personality or chose something that is simple and goes with everything.  For us we normally use our salad plate size (like the one above), but you can also have plates that are just for cocktails.  The size of the plates you use should depend on what you serving and whether it is just a small bite or a something more substantial.  I feel this is an area that you can make any decision you wish to make and I have pulled together a number of sizes based on your desire and need.

Carafes and glasses ... 

These glasses, I think they are divine.  I think they truly are the perfect glass for every occasion and are timeless.  You could register for the whole set, including the martini mixer and the ice bucket, and add to it over time for the pieces you don't receive.  Truly, I love them.  I have also picked out a few more below, all of which are favorites of mine.

My go to places when searching for styling items or things for our home also have registries.  I search Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma.  When we got married we registered at Williams Sonoma and still use many of the items we received almost 23 years ago.  I think they have an amazing selection of classic and timeless items.  If I was getting married all over again (of course to the same man!) I would register at WS for the simple basics and then at Emily McCarthy for everything else.  I would create a custom couture monogram and use it for all my requests.  Once the monogram is created it doesn't cost anything extra to use it.  Even more fun, have one for you and one for him that work together.  He can have his pieces and you can have yours (bourbon for him, rose for you) and they could all work together.  I am excited just thinking about it.  Too bad its not customary to have another shower a number of years in, how amazing would that be?

Have the most amazing weekend, I will be toasting promptly at 5!

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