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Miles Dog Minear

My sweet pup, my side kick, my best friend ... he isn't feeling well at all and truly its been a really hard week.  I didn't think I could love and adore something with fur this much but I am very attached to my little guy and he doesn't seem to be doing well at all.

I noticed a few months ago that he was sleeping more but I didn't think much of it since he is older.  I mean, I love a nap so I knew he would want more of them since he was almost 15.  I know this seems really old for a dog, but little dogs live longer from what I am told.  Then I noticed he was thirsty all the time ... another thing I just dismissed.  Then he started laboring to breath and then the cough.  I knew he wasn't ok when even the Hubs (who is allergic) starting to show a large amount of concern.

I took him in Monday and then scanned him from head to toe.  We are in the process of waiting on news of a Cushing's disease diagnosis or to see if there is something more doing on with his liver (which is enlarged).  I am so very sad.  I think I have cried and held him tighter more this week than normal and he has been gone more than ever. I am sorry for posting less on Instagram stories but no one wants to see a puffy eyed, sniffly Paige.  I am not a cute crier at all.

If he has Cushing's (and I think he does) my prayer is that he is not far along so we can talk medicine.  I am concerned with his heart since he is coughing and just not looking good at all.  He is definitely sad and he seems rather confused which is killing me softly.

If you would, please say a prayer for my pup and our little family.  We have taken a beating the last few months and this would be a hard loss for us.

Thank you from the bottom of my Miles loving heart!  He is just the best!! ❤

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