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Spring Cleaning

I just adore y'all, like really truly adore you.  Thank you so much for all the love and prayers for our sweet pup.  We don't have any news and won't for a few more days, but we are home snuggling our sweet boy and enjoying him as much as we can.  It is apparent he has aged so much in the past few months and even if this episode isn't his last I am well aware he won't be with us much longer.  He is a sweet and loving pup and I adore him so.  I am so thankful for your messages, direct messages, texts, emails and love.  We all feel so much better about it no matter what the outcome.  ❤

To keep myself busy and my mind busy I decided to get some projects off my list.  I am a person who dreams up long to do lists and then thinks I have made such long lists and leaves them for later when the going gets tough.  This time I decided to pull out those lists and get some stuff done.  Being in control of something I can control when there are so many things I can't and am not supposed to control is a great feeling.

It started with the guest bathroom.  I shared on Instagram that I had purchased a new mirror for the room.  What I didn't share was that the mirror was taller than the one I had and so I had to move the light fixture and make some adjustments to make it work.  It was a if you give a mouse a cookie moment that didn't seem to end.  I bought these sconces to manage the light issue and they will be installed Tuesday.  I am so excited to finish this room and its tiny makeover and cross it off my list.  When it was Little Bit's bathroom it was head to toe Lilly Pulitzer but as a guest bathroom it needed some changes.  A new shower curtain, two new sconces, a new mirror (thank you Lance) and a new shade and it feels amazing.  For the time being this is the last sneak I can give you until the full post is ready for its reveal.  So ... guest bath gets crossed off the list.

The garage ... this space was a huge mess.  Like ... HUGE.  Since we have a front entry garage I feel like it needs to be tidy all the time or the door needs to be down at all times.  It had become a dump zone and it needed to end.  Luckily I had two girls who needed service hours and since almost every thing in the space was blog related I could "hire" them to clean it up.  Three hours yesterday and one large trip to a Good Will and it is looking so much better.  I have scheduled a junk company to come discard a few things and it will be clean.  It could use a good paint job but for now I will take it as clean and tidy!

The storage in the laundry room, a closet in the hallway and the linen collection in the breakfast room were a disaster. I needed to open every single door and drawer and clean them from top to bottom. Right outside of our laundry room and directly to the left of the coffee area we have a roomy closet.  It was used for part extra cleaning supplies, grilling tools, and just stuff.  It wasn't working at all.  I took every single thing out and created a butler's closet and I already love it.  There was a huge space at the top that wasn't really usable and I decided to add a shower curtain rod and hang all of my tablecloths.  I set the table a lot, sometimes just for the blog and sometimes for us, and my stuff has been tucked here and there and basically everywhere. Now thanks to a few hours of my time it is all located in either the butler's closet, the blue chest next to the table or just a small extra section in my work room in the basement.  It feels so much more organized and I think that is a great thing.  I love to style a table and now I don't need to run all over to gather what I need to do it. I can cross those three areas off the list.

These pictures are not great at all ... ok pretty ick, but you get the idea.  Its a closet and its super dark!

I also tackled my closet, my pajama collection and even my bathroom drawers.  There were two runs to Good Will along with a huge pile at the curb for trash day and now it feels clean, tidy and believe it or not my mind even feels so much better. I highly recommend a little spring cleaning, it is good for so many things and it is an area we can control when we have other areas we clearly cannot.

Now I am sitting down to make a list of to dos for this week ... its going to be a busy one.  I am in charge of the middle school dance on Friday and then helping out with a party for a special girl on Saturday. I love you AGB!! It will be busy but sooo good!

Happy Monday! 

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