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12 Happies du Jour

I am back today with my current 12 Happies.  Y'all loved last weeks post so we will be making this a permanent piece for a while. You are correct it is Wednesday and not Tuesday, but I didn't want to miss this weekly post so it is out of schedule this week.  I am excited about writing this post each week, make sure you let me know what you love most and what you would like to see more of.  Currently I would love to see this plate in front of me for tonight's dinner ... I love grilled dinners and these sundried tomato burgers and this caprese pasta salad would be perfect right about now!

Did you know you can buy a custom hand painted backgammon board?  How beautiful is this one?  If you are not familiar with Nine Fair you must check her out.  Her Instagram is filled images like this one of hand painted boards she has made for some truly lucky people.  This one was for a wedding ... don't you love the monogram and the date?  The Nantucket basket for rolling is just the icing on the cake.  I love it all!

Currently on trend and not showing any signs of stopping, layered pendant necklaces are so very darling.  I love both of these which would be so fabulous layered with other similar pieces.  For me I have one longer chain filled with a locket and five M charms and I love either this one or this one to add to it.

My cute assistant came to work today in the most darling denim shorts.  For me denim shorts can be, ahem, a bit inappropriate at times, but these were the perfect length and the high waist made them perfect.  She sized up one size to give them extra comfort and I would recommend the same.  These are the shorts she was wearing and right now they are 40% off with code MEMDAY. I would most definitely buy these for Little Bit!

While we were at the lake I let me hair air dry every day.  I have loved this product for a while and definitely feel like it is good for my hair and leaves it with a wave and not like Monica Geller goes to Bermuda.  I recently started using this spray as well and I love the results.  I would recommend either or a combination of both which is what I used.  The spray is perfect for detangling and getting it all combed out while the Aveda product is perfect for after.

This dress is darling!  It comes in both white and blue and I don't know which one I love more, I think both of them would be perfect for summer!

Since the weather is hot and the sun is shining almost every day I see many pool and outside adventures on repeat.  I love this sunscreen pouch and most definitely love anything this brand makes as I feel like it keeps me safe from burns and harmful rays!  Snag this and add it to your pool bag and to your purse for easy access!

I love a fun t shirt and I have found so many cute ones lately!  Like this one and most definitely this one!  I rounded up a few you may love ... most of which are on sale!

How amazing is this bag?  I love it and think it would be so fun for so many outings!  Neely & Chloe is so popular at the moment and I love this style so very much! Isn't it so different?

I even the Neely & Chloe bag paired with these pants and a simple white shirt.  How effortlessly cute and perfect for these super warm days.  I love it for dinner out!  Even better ... pair it with these wedges!

I love iced tea and I love it filled with citrus.  At the lake I made Pimm's Cups one evening and had left over cucumbers, strawberries and orange slices.  I can tell you they were so yummy in my iced tea the next day.  #yesplease

The darling Jessica of Lycette Designs has released a brand new product and I think it is truly so cute.  I need to learn to needlepoint immediately.  Wouldn't this be the chicest sleep mask ever?

This list of great summer movies has me wishing I could add a screen to our backyard and host weekly movie nights.  Would that not be so much fun ... friends, popcorn, fun drinks and a weekly movie!

I loved reading this ... it was so fun to see Drew Barrymore give a rundown on her favorite beauty products.  I read it here and one other place and I loved it both times.  First of all, Drew is funny and so honest (which I love so much) and shares some tips and what she loves.  I mean, the hair post is the best and definitely worth the read.  #coughedupbirdfeathers

Only two more days until the weekend ... I am definitely on the struggle bus this week.  I don't know what day of the week it is or what time zone I am in.  Anyone else??  

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