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The Best Mask

As you know this year is all about taking care of my skin.  More water, less refined sugar, products that actually take care of my skin and truly feeling like I have control over my skin.  I don't have bad skin, it isn't over dry or too oily, it doesn't suffer from chronic breakouts, it is just skin I have been wearing for more than 40 years and it was high time I took control of taking care of it.

Recently I added a new product to my growing list of things I use daily.  My counter is getting fuller and I do love being able to look down and see a bunch of things I love to use, that I know help my skin look and feel its best.  Last weekend at the lake I was so happy to crawl into bed each night after using my face wash and this mask.  It tightens and refreshes at the same time and leaves me with fresh and tighter skin in the morning.  Can you imagine anything better?

This firming mask is wonderful.  First of all it smells amazing and as you are putting it on you can smell the wonderful floral scent of hibiscus and ginger.  The website describes it as a velvet cream and I would agree.  Once it is on you can feel it tighten as it dries and in the morning when you wash it off you are left with smooth and tighter skin.

Can you say YES PLEASE!!!

I truly love it and have been using it the recommended five times a week and I truly do see a difference.  I also love the feeling of going to sleep knowing I am taking great care of my skin which takes one major item off my to do list!

When I grabbed the mask at the mall I requested two samples of other products I really wanted to try.  I asked for this line reducing serum and this eye serum.  I love them both but the line reducing serum just might be magic.  As in MAGIC!!!!! I will be ordering a larger one since the sample they gifted me with are now dwindling.  I love adding it to my eye area, the lines between my eyebrows and to my hands.  It is pricey, but I really believe it is worth it.

I have added all the products I am currently using on my skin below just in case you have lost count, like I seem to do a lot.  Using all of these products has made a major impact on my skin and I highly recommend each of them.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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