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Upping My Makeup Game

Happy Wednesday, I hope your week is going well!  We are enjoying some amazing spring weather and longer evenings sitting outside enjoying the porch and family time.  I found myself noticing it was late the other night and having to stop playing cards to send the kids to bed.  I am getting more and more ready for summer ... anyone else?

I am writing today about a subject I don't normally talk about, makeup.  I am definitely a girl who loves the natural look and doesn't wear a ton of makeup and definitely leans toward less is more.  Most recently since I stepped up my skin care game I have noticed I am drawn a little more to a makeup routine instead of my usual concealer + mascara + blush + lipstick game.  I am telling you it was bare bones in my makeup routine.

It all started a few weeks ago when my beloved concealer ran out.  I pulled it out to use and it was empty. I might have twitched a little when I realized the clicking I was doing to get product wasn't working.  I immediately added "Sephora" to my to do list to rectify the issue.  While I was in the store I decided to try a few products I have read about in my regular blog reading.  I love the wonderful people working at Sephora and I find them so helpful when I have questions or need recommendations. I left the shop with a number of products to try and I now love my daily routine.  One of the girls asked me if I had the Sephora app, which I did not, and told me that I can register my products on the app and I will know when I am about to run out of a product so I don't have a repeat of that feeling when my favorite concealer ran out.  I know have the app and I am excited to report I also have a back up concealer.  I will not be running out again with no notice.  😉

When it comes to makeup I have some must haves.  It has to look natural, it has to not feel heavy and most of all I didn't want a major difference from my makeup free face to my makeup face.  I really feel like I have achieved my needs and I am truly loving the results.

I have linked all the products I use above.  The only two things I left out would be two L'oreal products I snagged at the drug store.  I love both my Voluminous mascara (have used it for years) and Lumi Glotion highlighter I started using on recommendation from my cute friend Ashley Brooke.  A little on the nose and high up on your cheek bones adds a fun glow to your look. 

I highly recommend the products above ... I know I am loving them all!

Happy Hump Day!

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