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Oh Fiddle Fig!

Well, I am sure you aren't going to be shocked when I tell you that my beautiful and luxurious fiddle leaf fig didn't make it.  It was so big and gorgeous when I brought it home and now it is sad and brownish and only have a handful of leaves left on it.  I can't say I am surprised but I really had hoped this stunner would make it and live a long, happy life.   I did listen to others when they gave me advice and I tried to stick with it, but it didn't work and I am left once again with a very sad and dying plant.

I remember once reading that fiddle leaf fig's are one of the easiest plants to grow.  Can we be totally honest, they are not easy at all, at least not for me.  I know my thumb is not green but this is the most difficult plant I have owned next to orchids.  (Yes, Ginny ... I am still trading mine out every three months pretending they aren't dying!) 

I found this article on how to properly care for your fiddle leaf fig and, the most important part, to keep it alive.  I have never been successful at this part, mine are pretty for a few months and then die a hard death no matter what I do.   I also found this article, properly titled "How to NOT kill your fiddle leaf fig" and I have read it and learned some really good tips. For instance ... I had no idea you should dust your plant with a cloth wet with milk.  Yep, missed that tip all together.

I intend to try one more time before biting the bullet and buying one of the amazing faux options linked below.  Yes, I know I might be setting myself up for failure but after reading all of these articles I feel like I know a little more than I did before, so I am giving myself one last chance to make it work.   First thing I am doing is moving it to the window side of the office so it has the morning light.  Fingers crossed pretty please. 

I do feel better in the fact that if a live plant isn't the right option for me that there are a few really good not live options to purchase.  I have never been a big fan of faux plants but the number of bloggers and friends I know that have them and love them is making me think it may be the best plan yet, especially if this one goes sideways.

Wish me luck!  Happy Wednesday!

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