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12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  Did anyone else feel like they needed all weekend to recover from July 4th.  I loved having the holiday in the middle of the week but I can tell you I was getting confused not knowing what day it was.  After a good relaxing Saturday I was back on track Sunday and ready to tackle the week yesterday.

I am back with another edition of Tuesday's 12 happies ... and this week is a good one if I do say so myself.  😉

A lot of you have sent private messages and emails asking for a tour of our home.  I don't have images of each room but I do have some of them in this section of the blog.  I updated it this weekend in case any of you would like a partial tour.  I will update it more when the porch and the office are finished!

I am pretty obsessed with pink nude lipstick at the moment, it is such a change from my normal brighter color and I am loving it so much.  First Date is the color I was wearing the other day and a lot of you asked about it.  It my new go to for sure.

Oh, and the top I am wearing above in the picture is so fabulous.  It is long which makes it perfect for shorts and jeans and the price is amazing!!  The earrings are also amazing and weigh next to nothing which is so ideal for statement earrings.

I need a white dress for an event in early August and I have been looking at so many trying to decide.  I have pulled all of the ones below and I will make a decision next week.  I may order more than one to make sure I choose the right one.

We all should have one of these darling pool floats.  Let's just discuss the cup holder for drink.  Yep, #yesplease!

I love this article on 50 amazing towns you should visit.  They tote it as "small towns you haven't heard of" ... they all look incredible and I was so excited to say I have visited six of them already! 😁

You might have seen that I shared before we left for Haiti that I use a zipper bag for my liquids when I travel instead of a ziploc bag.  While I was traveling the bag was destroyed and when I got home I discovered this bag, which I immediately ordered, and can't wait try out on a trip later this week.  I love that the bag is so well made (so much better than mine) and that you can purchase wipes to keep it clean after traveling.  Oh, and it's pink.  #bonus

I am obsessed with these earrings.  Completely obsessed!  I also really love these and the same in this amazing color!

I stopped into my J.Crew Factory on Sunday (it's a little too close some days) and snagged some things for a few trips coming up.  I am super excited about each piece and I walked away with all of the above for less than $150.  I call that a major win, win!  (I got the stripe tie waist button down in the blue stripe, the tie waist knit tee in navy, and the scarf in the navy boats pattern)

I bought this water bottle and I absolutely love it.  This is my first Swell water bottle and honestly I don't know why I was so very late to the game.  I love that I will fill it up with ice in the morning and even when I refill it the ice stays much longer than I am used to.  I am really enjoying drinking more cold water and not paying for plastic water bottles.  #winning!

This article is fabulous and I love the tips Charlotte Moss shares for summer entertaining.  Can I please, pretty please, attend a Caftan Caucus?

Anyone else love weekends at the lake?  As a girl who grew up smack dab in the center of the state of Florida we were close to each coast for the beach.  My father lived in Orlando and owned a boat so weekends I spent at his house were spent on the lake.  I have a soft spot for both the lake and the beach and I can relate to this story so much.  One step onto a dock or the onto the sand at the Gulf of Mexico and it all comes rushing back.

Heading to Winter Park later this week and I am packing my cute hat for lots of sightseeing and walks down Park Avenue.  I am so excited I may not sleep until we leave.  I love my home state of Florida and just breathing in the (super hot + humid) air makes me ooh so happy!

Have the best day!!

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