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12 Happies du Jour

Image by Christina Wedge

Happy Tuesday!  I hope your week is amazing so far!!  Sunday afternoon I spied this image on House Beautiful's Instagram account.  As you can imagine I was thrilled, as they have featured the image before but it is always incredible to see something you worked on featured by a magazine you love. It most definitely started my week off with a BANG!  House Beautiful is hands down one of my favorite three magazines and one that I subscribe to, I have loved it for years and I don't see that love affair changing any time soon.

I have such fun things to share with you today ... 

This search tool on Pinterest was foreign to me until Anna Grace came in one morning and was talking about how she used it to take pictures of India Hick's new book to find more of her style. In the search bar there is a camera icon. Take a picture of an item and Pinterest will find things related to it! So handy when you don't know too much information on your product and don't know what to search. Mind ... blown!

India Hicks needs a sweater and wellies for summer in Oxfordshire |

This doormat is hilarious! Anna Grace wanted it for her dorm room which I thought was even funnier ... but we both thought someone might want it as their own and take it.

Free People's shoe game is consistently strong. Below I have linked some favorites ...

This planner is so cute and on sale right now!!

Anna Grace has this cookbook and she adores it. She also gets recipes from the same girl's blog. So yummy, so pretty, and so healthy!  Also have you tried Johanna Gaines' cookbook yet? Again, so yummy, so pretty, and well ... yummy!

Image result for half baked harvest cookbook

Image result for joanna gaines cookbook

Speaking of healthy and pretty food ... if you are in the Atlanta area you must try this restaurant Upbeet! It has fun music, peace signs, colorful drinks, delicious grain, greens, or acai bowls, and a super cute aesthetic.  

This song is my testimony right now. It is full of hope and truth.

These headphones are so chic and wireless which is a plus! They are especially perfect for your travels. 

Love this oyster dish. Cute to display matches, throw your keys on, or keep as a jewelry dish in your drawer to keep things organized. 

This skirt is giving me serious Diane von Furstenberg vibes and I'm here for it! So chic ...

Top three movies of the summer for me definitely have to come down to Ocean's 8, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, and Won't You Be My Neighbor. Ocean's 8 is everything you want it to be from Sandra Bullock who is amazing in anything ever, Cate Blanchett's incredible wardrobe, Sarah Paulson's Louis Vuitton collection in her garage, to the MET Gala as the target for the heist. It is not to be missed! Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again inspired some wanderlust in me! And seeing Lily James who was my favorite character in Downton Abbey had me all kinds of happy. Lily James' style was impeccable if I do say so myself. Everything she wore was either a vintage piece from the 70's or a replica of one like her FRYE boots that my assistant was swooning over. Finally, if you would like a healthy weep, Won't You Be My Neighbor is your movie. It is a documentary on the career of Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. It encompasses many topics, but what I took away from it was Fred Roger's embodied what it is to be kind and accept people for who they have been made to be.

Image result for ocean's 8Image result for mamma mia 2Image result for won't you be my neighbor acknowledgements

Have the best day!

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