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My Readers Collection

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I can recall as a young girl wishing I needed glasses.  There was a darling girl in my elementary school who had them and she probably disliked them greatly, but I loved them.  When I got to college I thought the smart girls wore glasses, so I wanted them once again.  At the time I had perfect eyesight.  My mother had better than perfect eyesight so I thought I would never need them, and honestly for a number of years I think I was sad.  So silly, but most likely true.  They seemed so fun and I wanted to be able to sport them just like the cool girl in elementary school. 😎

Flash forward to my 40th birthday when I am pretty sure my eyesight began to fail.  Apparently its common when you turn 40, but all of a sudden things seemed to close.  I began squinting and it started a downhill slide pretty fast.  But instead of being excited that I needed readers I was bummed out.  How silly was I once again.  I think it was the same when I wanted braces more than I wanted a new Walkman and then when they were attached to my teeth I wanted nothing more than for me to go away and never come back.  Anyone else?? 😲

After a few years and finding the most amazing frames from my eye doctor I began to love wearing them.  My love affair with glasses began and now I am constantly looking for new ones.  I think they are fun to add in to different outfits and I love when I find a pair that everyone begins to comment on.  My signature pair is a tortoise square frame that is no longer available but I love them so. 

I have a large collection.  When Anna Grace asked to feature them on the blog I had to check all of my hiding places. I literally have them all over the house, in my purse and in my car, it's crazy! I am not sure I found them all (shh, don't tell her), but I did find my favorites for sure.   I love different shapes and sizes.  I love fun colors and most of all I like them big.  I can't tell you how many times a pair of big glasses has saved me when I need more water and it shows in my face.  Add a pair of readers and BAM, instantly better!

My friend Emily is the queen of amazing frames and every single time I see her I want the ones she is wearing.  This pair above was no different.  Emily is fierce with her signature style and I honestly can't get enough of every single thing she chooses.  Bonus, she is truly the best!  ❤

My go to source for amazing glasses is eyebobs.  Most of the ones I own I either purchased or were gifted from them.  Hands down I love them the most.  Warby Parker is a great source since you can try on five frames for a few days to decide what you love the most.  Peepers is also a good source if you need an inexpensive frame.  I have a great pair of large grey ones I love from Peepers.  (BTW, where are those?)
I picked some of my favorite frames for you to check out ... if you need glasses I highly recommend you get some cool and fun ones.  It makes having to wear them so much more fabulous.  And if you were like me and wanted frames when you didn't need them, you can order them blank and play around with wearing them!

Have the best day!

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