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eBay ... My Tips + Tricks

I have been an eBay shopper and seller for many years.  I started using eBay when the kids were little. I can recall stalking listings when our youngest was just a baby hoping to get her what I deemed the perfect smocked dress for holidays.  It was the best source for buying and selling kids clothes. I would list the items they no longer needed and scoop up darling Ralph Lauren and Vineyard Vines pieces for the boys and smocked dresses for my girl.  I was one savvy shopper.

Fast forward many years and I am still shopping away on eBay.  I have learned so much.  I learned how to sell, how to bid, and most importantly that I love the Buy It Now feature was more than I enjoy bidding.  As the years have passed eBay as moved more from the place I go just to find pre owned items to a place where I also search and purchase brand new items at amazing prices.  I think of it as a perfect source for buying things like small appliances, accessories, items for our home and outside spaces and most definitely a place to purchase amazing authentic designer goods.

How I eBay ... 

When I am looking for an item I immediately search either the eBay website or my trusted eBay app.  For instance, recently I decided I wanted a SMEG kettle.  I loved the one I saw in a showroom at Atlanta's Mart so I did some research.  When I checked out the listing I decided that a kettle was not really something I needed, but I did really want a juicer.  Since we are eating as clean as we can I am really excited about juicing citrus for my family. A little time later I discovered this listing and immediately purchased this SMEG Electric Juicer which is my new favorite appliance in our home.  I also love this toaster and ours doesn't seem to be working as well as it used to. What I love about purchasing the item on eBay is that I could read the reviews, choose my color from all available items instead of having to search more than one store for the color I want, and purchase it safely knowing eBay stands behind their buyers. Plus, if something goes wrong I can return it. I call that a major win, win. 

So far I have juiced oranges, limes (for margaritas), lemons for lemonade and I am trying to decide if I can squeeze citrus currently in season and freeze it for later. 😍

I will confess I only purchase Buy It Now items (I love the tab at the top) and only purchase from sellers who have a 100% Positive Feedback rating or as close as I can get it.  I don't love bidding on things and waiting for the listing to end and I definitely don't want to purchase something from someone who hasn't had a large number of positive dealings in the past.  The good thing about feedback is you can read each posting and decide for yourself who you are comfortable shopping with. I highly recommend you do your due diligence so you know the product you are getting is the one you want and you are purchasing from someone you wish to buy from. eBay puts it all out for you to make the best decisions and I love this feature.

A lot of Buy It Now listings will also allow you to submit an offer to the seller.  I love this feature because it makes me think I am getting it on sale.  If they want $100 for an item and I offer them $90 they can either decline my offer, counter my offer, or immediately accept the offer.  I have never had anyone decline and a counter offer somewhere in the middle is always a good thing.  I would never send them a offer request that was too low, I definitely do not want to insult anyone.

I would definitely check out the Daily Deals.  When I checked today I found these Kate Spade sunglasses on sale and this camera which is an incredible deal!

What I Buy On eBay ...

When we took our trip to Haiti I bought a few pairs of these North Face Aphrodite pants for both my girl and for me and we loved them. The price was fantastic and they arrived so quickly.  I did not need to go try on 30 different pairs and then search for the color I wanted + the size I needed in 4 stores.  I spent a little time researching what I wanted and then ordered them on eBay and happily wore them while we were on our trip.

Currently I am stalking a Louis Vuitton bag that I have wanted for a while.  I prefer to buy preowned designer bags from eBay since the purchase is guaranteed.  I search the Monogram Speedy category quite frequently looking for the bag I want to purchase.  I have not found the exact one I want just yet, but it will happen and I will feel very comfortable with my purchase.

I also think finding trendy items that the kids want is so much better on a site like eBay.  Our youngest loves Lululemon sports bras and I have found they are a much better price if I buy them new or slighty used in good condition.  They may not be the latest release, but she doesn't care at all and neither do I.  She recently wanted Wallabees and I immediately checked to see what I could find.  We ended up purchasing them from a student that was leaving and didn't need to purchase them from eBay, but I had three pairs ready to check out if that purchase fell through.  If she decides in a year she didn't want to wear them anymore I don't feel like I spent a bunch of money for something she isn't getting years of wear.  I have to be smart with the kids requests, they have big ideas sometimes.

I have bought so many amazing vintage and antique pieces over the years.  I stalk the vintage ornament section, the Staffordshire pups, many blue + white porcelain pieces and most definitely my new obsession, Minton Cockatrice Plates.

eBay has sales!

Yes, you read that right, they have sales.  The current sale is a great one and you can find so many amazing things at the best prices.  The End of Season Sale started Monday and has so many amazing items at truly fabulous prices.  This is the time to pull the trigger on things you wanted this year and didn't want to purchase at full price.  You can find anything from things to enjoy by the pool to a pair of summer sandals you had your eye on.  I could peruse this section for hours!

I have become really familiar with the Home + Garden section recently since I have been working more on our outdoor spaces.  Currently I am looking at two items, a leaf blower and a fire pit.  I need a good blower to keep the dust off the screened porch and the leaves off the deck which will happen before I know it.  Since my husband isn't feeling well these days I also have been very focused on how to create meaningful days and nights at home instead of taking him out everywhere.  I have my eye on a fire pit to make s'mores in the fall and to sit outside by the fire when it gets chillier.  I currently love this one and this one and just need to make sure they are both good for our space before I click the Buy It Now button and have it delivered.

When I checked out the sale I found so many good things I would use and I have linked some of them below.  Hammock - yes please, Blower - done, Power washer - oh yes please, and the list goes on ...

If you are new to shopping on eBay you are in for a treat! You will love it.  If you are a seasoned shopper like me, I would love to hear your tricks and tips.  Either way I suggest you check out the current sale ... it's a really good one.  If you are anything like me you can't pass up checking out a sale.  There is just something so fun about getting something you wanted at the beginning of the season for less at the end.

This blog post was sponsored by eBay, but all of the tips + tricks and thoughts are completely my own.  As usual, I only bring you brands and products I use and trust and eBay is most definitely one of those brands!

Have the best day!

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