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Madeline & Company - The Brand New Bags

It's that time again, back to school and, per usual, I am fighting the fuzz to get back into the routine.  I love summer so much, not just the season, but also the unending time with my children and the free schedule.  Who doesn't love an easy morning followed by a day at the pool and then long evenings siting on the porch?  Does it get any better?  The one thing I do love about the kids going back to school is the back to school shopping.  I am such a nerd for a back to school outfit with brand new shiny shoes and a backpack filled with supplies. I love a new set of pens, new sharpened pencils and, most of all, new binders ready to be filled with all they learn.  They had so many items on their lists this year but the one thing we didn't need to hunt for, a new backpack for the youngest.  Once again we got our backpack for the rising eighth grader (say it isn't so) from my favorite backpack girl and I am not sure who is more excited, me or my girl.

I have raved about Madeline and her amazing business, Madeline & Company, before and I am here to do it again.  I absolutely adore Madeline and her business is so inspiring.  I love that she designed a backpack when she couldn't find one that worked for her as a high school student.  I love her spirit and her smile and most of all I adore how much she loves on my girl.

Madeline backpacks are incredible and I am so excited about the new changes she has made.  The stripes have been replaced with new stripes you can chose and an additional monogram.  You know I am obsessed with anything I can monogram, but since they aren't for everyone you can also order it without the stripes and the monogram. In addition, there are two sizes so you can pick the bag that is the perfect fit for you. There are so many amazing options and each one is so good. 

When I asked Madeline to share with me her thoughts on the new bags she gave me such good stuff, and I am thrilled to be able to share it all with you ... 

This back to school season we really wanted to stay true to our current backpack styles but update them to make them even more functional (and comfortable!) for girls. 


The Classic backpack is still our original style but with a few updates! New this year is the Natural and Grey Classic. We love the canvas and faux leather combo on each of these bags. With a flat base, these backpacks are designed to stand up when full of books so you can see everything inside while it's sitting next to your desk. Lots of new pockets inside and water bottle sleeves! All bags still have our signature striped lining, gold hardware, leather details, and inspirational saying between the shoulder straps. 


This style got a little bit of a face lift! There's tons of storage in the front pocket for things like pens, pencils, keys, chargers, and even a way to keep earbud cords from getting tangled in the bottom of your bag! Now there's also a whole padded laptop and tablet pocket to keep it all separate. This style is perfect for younger girls (that don't carry a ton of books, college girls, girls that want a cute hands-free airplane carry-on, and moms on the go. We're obsessed with the new olive green color in both a nylon and faux leather bag. Our Grey Faux Leather Slim is probably on of our best sellers still! 


At Madeline & Company, our mission is to inspire girls’ everyday lives with  thoughtfully designed products to help keep you organized and make you feel special while carrying it. We believe that every girl is unique and that your backpack should be as unique as you. So, this year we decided to get rid of the sewn in stripes on the outside of every bag and leave them plain so girls can pick any stripe color combination they'd like or add a monogram! We love seeing all of the colors girls are picking!  There are several of our most popular stripe combinations available on the website, but girls can completely customize them !  

You're backpack is something you carry every single day during the school year, so why not make it something that makes you happy?

I told you she is darling and I wasn't kidding at all.  You must check out her bags and consider adding one to your life.  They are the best bags for everyone.  I love mine, I use it so much on vacation and for road trips.  My girl loves hers and a lot of her friends have them as well. They are all so cute in their bags and I love that each of them chose their own combination, making them so personal.  Check them out ... you will be so happy you did!

Have the best Friday!

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