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12 Happies du Jour

The happiest of Tuesdays to you!!  I think I really love Tuesday since it might be the best day of the week next to Friday.  I have never been a fan of Mondays and so Tuesday just gets an automatic love due to the fact that you survived Monday and now you are moving on.  I have such great things to share with you today, I am going to get right to it.

I shared the darling camel top last week but I think I failed to mention I snagged the clutch as well.  How cute is the camel??  I think he is just darling and I love that I can use this bag as a clutch or I can fill it with things I need when I travel like tech stuff or beauty products and slide it into my Louie.  I do love it, but I love every single thing Brooke Wright makes. 🐪 Luckily my favorite local boutique carries her line so I can literally pop down the street and snag what I need.

I got an ihome Charger last week and I don't know why I have waited so long.  I have the worst time with cords dying on me and I spotted this charger and snagged it immediately.  I can tell you I am smitten for sure.  It is so easy to use and doesn't require a cord.  Yes, yes please!

One of my favorite sweaters is back at the Crew.  I love a classic rollneck sweater and the colors this year are the best.  I have my eye on the blush and the light blue. Actually there a number of things I love at J.Crew right now.  I have linked them all below for you.

I was very late to the denim shorts bandwagon but I bought these last week while they were on major sale.  They arrived, I tried them on and I have worn them at some point every single day since.  I don't know how great they look on me, but I am obsessed with them.  They are so comfortable, easy to wear and I can't quit them.  I may order a second pair just to have them.  I paired them with my favorite sweater and my favorite sandals above to head to the movies last weekend.  I think that was the day they started the daily repeat.  I LOVE them.

Do you own a rain jacket?  I don't and every single time I get caught in the rain I regret now owning one.  I spotted this one on a fellow blogger's post and loved it. I think the decision would be navy or pale pink?

Anyone in the mood for a fall picnic?  Here are some great ideas for you to make that happen.  I do love a picnic!  By the way, if you aren't already reading the Salonniere you should be!

Ok, I have jumped on the natural deodorant game and so far I love it.  I am not a sweater ... so I am not sure if I will have issues, but we shall see.  I am using this brand (Lavender + Sage) and I have nothing but good feedback to give you so far.  I have made the kids and the hubs tell me if I need to attend to any smells I may have but so far so good. I did snag an extra bottle to keep in my purse for emergencies but at this point it is still sealed up.  We shall see ... I am thrilled to be ditching the bad stuff, cleaning out my life one product at a time.

I was reading up on the US Open (I am not a tennis girl) and one of the things I learned is the most popular drink served at The Open is one called the Honey Deuce.  A pink drink made of Grey Goose + Chambord it has become the event's trademark drink.  Like I said I don't play tennis (I have horrible hand eye coordination) but I think these would be amazing for so many who do play and have the occasion to serve them. The garnish is made of frozen honeydew melon balls and sounds perfect since they will look just like a pair of brand new tennis balls.  Since they will run you $15 each at The Open I recommend you make them at home with this recipe.  She gives all the tips as to which ingredients make the best drink.

I got an email talking about these amazing sugar cubes this weekend and I am so excited to try them out.  The only decision will be ... which flavors should I choose?  I am leaning toward the orange and the grapefruit, but they all sound really yummy.  They are so perfect for a glass of champagne and would take your next mimosa bar to the next level.

If you missed out on the first release of the iconic Kate Spade bag you have a second opportunity to mark this item off your bucket list.  Frances Valentine just re-released the iconic Kate Spade bag in four colors.  You can snag one of these bags by shopping the line at Barneys or at Frances Valentine.  If you really want one, don't hesitate, they won't last long. I just entered my name to a wait list for a navy one, which is currently sold out!

I have a few new products to share with you today.  They aren't new to Beautycounter, but they are new to me. Last month I ordered this serum which I have been using twice a day and so far I am loving it.  Pairing it with the overnight peel (the number one favorite product of everyone I chat with) and basically you can skip the needles.   In addition to the serum, I ordered the cream highlighter (in pearl glow) and this brush.  I don't love the brush I had for my color pinch cream blush and hear this one is fabulous.

I am also deciding on a few new lip colors for fall ... I just haven't decided which colors yet.  Since my tan will be fading fast soon, I am thinking maybe a good warm color would be fabulous.  What about Brunch and Girls' Night?

Have the best day!  

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