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Ralph Lauren Celebrates 50 Years

I have loved all things Ralph Lauren as long as I can recall.  I remember being in high school and tearing sheets from fashion magazines with classic RL looks and attaching them to a wall in my bedroom.  I made a whole wall of them.  I am sure my mother was not to pleased to notice it, but she let me keep it.  I was obsessed.  I have always been a classic prep, and my years in Catholic school with argyle knee socks and shiny penny loafers only further fed my obsession. My first boyfriend wore Polo Cologne and smelling it today reminds me of being a sophomore all over again.  My first friend after moving to Atlanta had just left a job at Ralph Lauren and we were instantly connected.  When my oldest left his crib he was gifted with an all plaid RL room, which he may still have in his new house.  I am telling you my love for all things Ralph Lauren runs DEEP.

I am thrilled to see such a fabulous designer celebrate 50 years in the business.  I love that the brand has only grown stronger over the years as it truly timeless.  In his own words he sums up his goal, "I don't design clothes, I design dreams".  Dreams of a lifestyle, of clothes that don't go out of style.  Of a life of classics, living life to the fullest, and looking sharp and timeless while you do it.  At the show Oprah described his work as an image of American life "that is strong, and compelling, and complete". She says Ralph Lauren and American style have become synonymous.  I could not agree more.

Sign me up. 

During NYFW the Ralph Lauren show was in Central Park and the photos and news coverage had me glued to the screen.  Sarah Vickers gives a fabulous recount in her blog post.  I can not imagine anything better than seeing his incredible designs all while sitting under the twinkle lights and drinking champagne in a magical setting.  It sounds like a dream come true for sure. You can watch the show online and I highly recommend you do.  I would do it when you can sit, sip champagne and picture yourself there at the show.  It is simply fantastic.

images via Vogue

You can also view all the looks in detail ... and they are stunning. Each one of them better than the last one ... it is so, so good.

Well done Mr. Lauren.  Well done on creating a brand that would last the ages.  Well done for living a great life and showing us all how to work hard and stay steady.

Well done all around!

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